Saint Seiya Awakening: Best Poseidon, Skills Guide

Who is Poseidon?

Poseidon has up to 10 skills once you have set up his 3 skills based on level 3 each. Each skill is a combination of its 3 “elements”: Sea, Ice, and Thunder.

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Saint Seiya Awakening Poseidon


To cast a spell you need to choose the wanted skill combination at each turn (for i.e Sea/Ice/Thunder for his AoE). For each skill launched Poseidon will get buffs according to elements used. Sea buff reflects, Ice status hit, Thunder dmg. The value of 1 stack is determined by the level of the corresponding skill. The number of max stacks raises with the Passive level.

Skill Priority: There is no perfect rule but I recommend the following order: Thunder 2, Sea 3, Ice 2, Passive 3, then it depends on your needs/playstyle.

Best Skill Pair

Pair Details
Ice x3 The basic attack that applies Tidal Mark to the target.
Sea x3 The basic attack that applies Tidal Mark to the target.
Thunder x3 The basic attack that applies Thunder Mark to the target.
Sea + Ice + Thunder AoE damage which costs 3 energy and which transmits the buffs of Poseidon to all his team.
Sea x2 + Thunder 0 energy summon. 1 summon limit. Tag a random target at each Poseidon end of the turn (prior Tidal Mark targets). If a tagged target deal damages, the summon deals 270% dmg and the tag disappear.
Sea x2 + Ice 0 energy summon. 1 summon limit. P def/C def debuff a random target at each Poseidon end of the turn (prior Tidal Mark targets). The translation is wrong, there is no dmg debuff.
Ice x2 + Sea Shield reflects (does not absorb the damage). Returns damage in the form of pure damage, up to 35% of Poseidon’s life Max. Lasts 2 rounds. Max 2 assets. 1 energy.
Ice x2 + Thunder 1 energy counter-attack shield (doesn’t absorb dmg). Deals 260% of Poseidon dmg if the shield’s target is attacked. Last 2 turns. Max 2 active Shields.
Thunder x2 + Ice 240% dmg (360 if Thunder Mark) on 1 target + chance to freeze.
Thunder x2 + Sea Attack the target and inflict 260% damage. Then has a chance of multihit up to 5x up to a maximum total of 800% divided on several targets, or 309% on the same target (-30% for each multi on the same target from the 1st multi). The more units you have (the more summon) the more multihit you go. Multihits randomly target prior Thunder Mark so with 1 single target scored you can inflict up to 569% damage on 1 target (dmg reduce if multihit same target).
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Danny C
Danny C
6 months ago

Thank you for the guide. Could you please advice how to unlock the skills? I finished the Poseidon Hero Train Hall. I also finished the highest level of Poseidon’s trident yet I am unable to unlock his skills (other than the basic attack and “ice+thunder+sea”. Do I need to finish the Poseidon Chapter? I’ve already unlocked his 8th sense. I can’t think of what else I need in order to unlock hi skills. Thank you for your help!

Reply to  Danny C
6 months ago

Você deve desbloquear com o livros de habilidade verde – caso não tenha, terá que combinar 2 livros de habilidade azuis e assim obter o verde.