Rush Wars: Tier List Of Troops, Airdrops, Commanders

Get Best Tier List for Rush wars. In this guide, You will get rush wars troops tier list, Spell tiers and commanders tier. Also defense and attacks tier list. Checkout our tier list for the Rush Wars game.

Rush wars is one amazing Strategy based game offer by SuperCell game. If you are new in the rush wars, Chech out our Guide to Rush Wars game and also get tips for rush wars game.

It is very important to know about the troop's tier list for every player. Because tier is helping you get information about the hero's power and skill. Without getting a known tier, You could not give your best in the game. So we are giving Rush wars tier which helps you make your strategy in the game and help you build your stronger and powerful squad in the game. Check out the tier list.

One reddit user make amazing tier list. Below image of tier list. Creadit : leonardliulg

rush wars tiers

Rush Wars Tier List

Troops Tier List

SS Tier


Epic | Target : Air & Ground

Laser is very powerful troop. He has capability of killiing enemy which are come in his path. Also he giving amazing damage to enemy.

Rush Wars Tier List

Common | Target : Air & Ground

Just like his name, He has amazing defence power. They don't pack much of a punch but they're good to keep in front of your troops and your pitcher to keep them alive.

Rush Wars Tier List

Rare | Target : Air & Ground

The bazooka does long-range lots of damage. His fire rate is pretty, but I like to do is keep one at the very back of the troops. I do end up using one of them and just that extra firepower and he also does Splash Damage. So overall he is amazing for me.

A Tier List

Rush Wars Tier List

Rare | Target : Ground

Briefly stuns enemies with each punch. Enjoys a good brawl almost as much as a soft bamboo tank top. Also he has highly sytrenght. So you can use his as your defender troops.

Rush Wars Tier List
rocket truck

Epic | Target : Ground

Rocket truck is very good unit if you are looking for high strenth and medium damage. This is best unit if you want to break down sheild unit. So keep in mind .


Epic | Target : Buildings 

Gorrila is similar unit with giant in Clash of clans. His main focus on buildings while you put his once. So he is best when you looking for break down enemies defence. Also you can put laser backside of gorrila in the battle.


Rare | Target : Ground

Hotshot is good and also his amazing splash damage. He has shot gun which has ability to give amazing damage to your enemy. You can choose this unit for your back – as attacker.

Rush Wars Tier List

Common | Target : Ground

You can compare these with barbarian of COC Game. You need to take care of grenades .Because one grenade can kills all your troopers unit at one time.

B Tier List

Rush Wars Tier List
sneaky ninja

Rare | Target : Ground

As name said, He has ability to invisible as ninja do. So using this unit, you can destroy your enemies’ defenses first and then you can put other your troop to destroy other building.


Common | Target : Ground & Air

If you want to destroy ground unit first and enemy not having any air defense, At time, you can choose this one. This is work as minion of coc game.

Rush Wars Tier List

Common | Target : Ground 

She has little more splash damage. She’s able to take out group of troopers easily. So you can try this one again trooper units.

F Tiers


Common | Target : Ground 

You can use this troop again gorilla . Because they giving amazing stun damage. They are not more useful. But you can try once.


Epic | Target : Ground 

You can compare helipod with coc Balloon. It is very good when you looking for destroy enemy’s defense first.

Rush Wars Tier List
plumbers van

Common | Target : Ground 

Plumbers of plumber van are very weak. But whenever you need to destroy enemy’s defense, you can choose this one.


Epic | Target : Ground 

This is a very slow-moving unit. But powerful. Also, the tank has a lot of HP.

Airdrops Tier

S tier

Invisibility Spell - Rare

As the name says, It helps you make your troops invisible while attacking. You can choose this spell with the tank and destroy your enemy defense faster.

Paratroopers-  Common

You can use this unit with gorilla unit. First drop gorilla toward enemy defense then drops paratroopers on it. So paratrooper can start their job which is destroying it.

A Tier 

Heal Spell

As the name says, It help you healing your troops. Similar to heal spell of coc.

Fridge epic

As the name says. It fridges the enemy’s buildings and units for some time. During this time, you can take advantage.

B Tier


This is what you start out with this is. It’s just a bomb the jobs from the sky. It’s able to take out explosive barrels and troops and damage do some.

Boost Rare

You can compare this spell with the haste spell of coc. It makes your troop faster but not stronger. So keep in mind.

Commander Tier

S Tier


Always referring to himself in the 3rd person, Coach believes in shooting first and asking questions later - said Coach.
ABILITY: Boosts your units' attack speed and movement speed.


Notorious for a' firin' his laser. B.I.G. also laves to read archaeology novels while imprisoned inside the robot dinosaur.
ABILITY: Jumps forward and lands with a S.T.O.M.P.

B Tier

Lady grenade

Straight outta Centre Court. Lady Grenade's preferred greeting is a savage chest bump she likes to call the Grand Slam.
ABILITY: Serves up a volley of grenades.


From the safety of her weird egg tank. The mother runs her tech startup. It takes a bold CEO to add a cannon to their office.
ABILITY: Hires a couple of loyal Henchmen.

F Tier


Being raised by bears gave Bearman a unique perspective on life, but he never learned to talk so no one knows what it is.
ABILITY: Charges forward, smashing through and into things.


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