Rush Wars Guide : Beginner Guide & Tips

Rush Wars is one new game offer by Super Cell game. Rush wars are one combat Strategy style game that will take the test of your strategy and your combat power while battling. So you might say that Rush wars are one mixing of Clash Royale and Clash of Clan game.

Because you will get very similar things in both games in this single rush wars game. There are many similar things such as you’re headquartered, Training Camp, Cards, Heroes, keys for the Unlock box, etc.

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In this guide, You will get Rush Wars game tips and guide for the game.

Rush Wars Game Guide

Basically, Rush wars are one Combat Strategy game for ios and android device. So from starting of the game, you have to need to thinking of your best strategy for attacks. Also, you have to need to choose a different type of card and heroes after reaching high headquarter and high level.

Don’t Continue Upgrades Your Headquarter

I have seen so many players in Clash Of Clans, Those upgrading their Town Hall Continuously and after some days, They getting bored from this game. So you can apply a similar thing to the Rush Wars game.

If you starting upgrading your HQ then you will get bored from game Because each headquarters upgrading giving you more cards and more heroes. So after getting these cards and heroes, You need to upgrades those at highest levels which is recommended by your according to Headquarter requirement. So Never make this mistake at the beginning stages.

In addition, you also need to spend more cost for battle after getting new HQ in the game.

Join To New Teams

The team is very important for every player. If you join any team, then you will get help from them for receiving a defensive bonus item, the bonuses are a card from high-level HQ (i.e. Rocket Trap, Tesla, Freeze mine, etc.).

These all help you to make your combat more powerful and getting three-star more easily.

Note :

It is only one bonus item at that time can be active. So this is item doesn’t count in defensive troops.

You can only keep one research item at a time

Research on troops is very important. Because as you research more on your troops, Your troops will more powerful and get more level. But you can keep one research at one time. So always thing before put an item for research.

Each research needs some amount of cots from your side. So put troop for research which is extremely helpful for you and your favorite. Never put troop in research which is useless for you.

Do More Attacks & Get More Key – Unlock More Boxes

Every four, You will get free boxes which will give rewards, more cards, and heroes, golds. But you need to key to unlock that box.

So to get more keys,  you need to win more and more battle and attacks. So do more attacks and get more keys.

Cards  Guide

There is three types of cards that work your troops or army.

Rush Wars guide tips


Troops can be placed on the outside of the defending enemy base and will move towards the closest target. Each troop has a different housing space with some being as small as one to some being as large as 3.3 might not sound like a lot but you got to compare that to your choppers housing space.  start a match until all of the housing spaces filled.

Air Drops

These are the equivalent to spells like in clash of clans or clash royale. Their housing space ranges from one to two and has a separate housing space category. So no need to worry about fitting both.


You can say commanders are similar such as COC Game heroes like a king, queen. You can equip one at a time for an attack and they don’t take up any housing space. Commanders have special abilities and are usually much stronger than regular troops.

Rush Wars guide tips

However, once they get taken down they need to take some time to heal. If you want to use an attack squad that you used last time you can use this button to do.

Unlike the clash of clans, troops and airdrops require no training time. So you don’t have to wait for every attack squad to be made. Just load them up and jump right into battle.

Make sure your attack squad is bounced between high damage units splash attackers and tank unit. And an airdrop that can synergize with them.

Attacks Guide

First, hold down your finger on enemy troops or defenses, you can see their range. So make sure you use that to your advantage.

Get ideas of your enemies troop range

For example: If I want to distract a mortar from splashing my ground troops. I can use a thicker troop to absorb the damage by sending him out front first.

Keep an eye out for red barrels. You may have just thought of them as just another obstacle like the crates but they actually work.

Keep an eye out for red barrels.

If your airdrop can’t kill the troop or defense in one hit and they’re near red barrel hitting both will allow you to do so. 

A troop with airdrop and they survive, they will march straight to your attacking troops regardless of how far away they are.

Defense Guide

Your gold mine not only acts as gold production but as gold storage so protect it. You’ll be given a random base layout, But you’re free to place your troops or defenses wherever you like. See the timer, the timer’s up – you will be given a new random base layout where once again you can place your troops and defenses.

Defense box is a crate that rewards you for how well you do on defense. To open it you need defensive stars.

  • If Enemy take 3 stars from You: You will get 0 Stars
  • If Enemy take 2 stars from You: You will get 1 Star
  • If Enemy take 1 star from You: You will get 2 Stars
  • If Enemy take 0 stars from You: You will get 3 Stars

You’ll want to be smart when laying out your base. First, make sure that you don’t place your units near red barrels. The enemy can use them to their advantage just like you can.

Rush Wars Game Tips

Start More Attacks & Get More Boxes

There are no limits for attacks. So more attacks will give you more boxes and these boxes are help you unlock golds and new cards and new heroes. So start more attacks and get more boxes from attacks.

Do not Spend more Gold for Upgrading

Most of the players start spending more gold to upgrade heroes and cards. But this is a useless thing. Because instead of the upgrade all heroes and cards, It is very good for you that choose your best few heroes and cards which are strong and powerful for you. Because there are lots of heroes and cards. But not all are good and powerful for you.

So trying all and then choose few as your favorite. Then start to upgrade those and spending gold in them. So this helps you save your lots of golds for other buildings.

First Known About Units before Attacks

There are two types of troops in this game. Air troop and ground troops. So first know your troops which are air troops and which are ground troops. So after get known, then make your squad for attacks.

Upgrade Your Chopper

Chopper work as an army camp for you which allows your take troops inside of it. At the start, you have a limit to taking of troops inside Chopper. But to get the number of troops inside a helicopter, you need to upgrade Chopper. So after the update, the number of troops’ capacity will increase.

Rush Wars guide tips
Upgrade Your Chopper

Avoid Unnecessary troop while Attacking

Many new players go with a variety of troops for attacks. But at end of attacks, Those are not able to get at least star from attack. Because those use a different type of troops formation in a single attack. Avoid this thing from starting.

I recommend you use the only limited bundle of troops. This helps you make your attack more powerful.  Such as you want to do air attacks, then never go with a mixer of the ground and air troops. Go with only air troops.


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1 year ago

Unlike clash of clans, troops and air drops require no training time . So you don’t have to wait for every attack squad to be made. Just load them up and jump right into battle.
But when u open commander, u have to waiting after every attack, not good

1 year ago

Amazing tips ! There are any other guide and tips air drops ? If any then suggest me .. Amazing tip for rush wars .bro keep it up

1 year ago

hey guys…. somebody help me on this….. i see somebody attacked my bese without commander…. he had commander in list but attack was start without it…. how can it be