Rush Wars: All Troops, Airdrops, Commanders & Defense List

In Rush Wars, You will get many troops, Defense, Commanders, and Spells. In this article, you will get a list of all All Troops, Defense, Commanders & Spells in the Rush wars game. Check our full list of rush wars.

Rush wars are an amazing game offered by SuperCell. Supercell who has to give Clash of Clan, Clash Royale and Heyday game to us. Each game is unique and also each has amazing game mechanism.

Similar to the Rush wars game, You will get lots of troops, defense buildings, Commanders, and spells. These help you build your amazing empire or defense in the game. But before starting the game, you have to need to get an overview of these troops, defense, and spells. Which help you make your game interesting.

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Rush Wars: Tier List Of Troops, Airdrops, Commanders 

Rush Wars: Troops List


Rush Wars Tier List

Epic | Target: Air & Ground

His attack passes through arid damages all enemies In Its path! Traffic makes him terrifying beyond the capacity for rational thought.


Rush Wars Tier ListCommon Target: Air & Ground


Put them at the front to soak up damage with their riot shields – but really it’s their healthy skepticism that keeps thorn safe.


Rush Wars Tier ListRare Target: Air & Ground

Long-range. area damage to both air and ground units, plus intro damage to Tanks and buildings! Previously a world champion arm wrestler.


Rush Wars Tier ListRare Target : Ground

Briefly stuns enemies with each punch. Enjoys a goad brawl almost as much as a soft bamboo tank top.

Rocket Truck

Rush Wars Tier List

Epic Target : Ground

Deals long range, area damage to ground units. Side hustles as a grilled cheese sandwich food truck on weekends.


Rush Wars Tier List

Epic Target: Buildings 

Its v building-targeting Gorilla with a GIANT wrench! Why did they make a wrench this big? What does he do with it? So many questions…


Rush Wars Tier List

Rare Target: Ground

Eyebrow model by day, Hotshut by night. He moves last and blasts anything in front of him. His shotgun doubles as a sollie stick.


Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target: Ground

Bread and butter of warfare! Attacks air and ground at a short-range. Cool under pressure, but watch out for grenades!

Sneaky Ninja

Rush Wars Tier List

Rare Target : Ground

Invisible until ho attacks! Moves very fast and carries a box of crickets to mask his footsteps. So sneaky.


Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target : Ground & Air

Fast-moving. medium-ranged and can fly over obstacles. Can’t be targeted by certain troops or del lenses. Blue hair is the new pink!


Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target: Ground 

ex-baseball pitcher putting those throwing skills to good use! Medium range and best against groups of anemias.


Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target : Ground 

Armed with tatters that slow and a strong desire to please Mother, they won’t stop until your toast. Burnt toast.


Rush Wars Tier List

Epic Target : Ground 

Elms over obstacles and drops bombs from its steel jaws – look out below! Piloted by a 7-foot Henchman who didn’t make the basketball team.

Plumbers Van

Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target : Ground 

The van parks up. than tha Plumbers plla out – like an army of handyman ants who won’t lix your pipes.


Rush Wars Tier List

Epic Target: Ground 

This absolute unit crushes obstacles In its path and deals area damage at medium range. It also works part-time for a ridoshare company.


Rush Wars Tier List

Common Target: Ground 

Deals area damage close up with his nunchucks, which double his drumsticks from plank for his smooth jazz band hot potato.


Rush Wars Tier List

Epic Target: Ground 

Shoots a jet of flame at short range, effective against groups of enemies. Always lacking for a new audience to roast with his stand-up routines.

Commander List


Always referring to himself in the 3rd person, Coach believes in shooting first and asking questions later – said Coach.
ABILITY: Boosts your units’ attack speed and movement speed.


Notorious for a’ firin’ his laser. B.I.G. also laves to read archaeology novels while imprisoned inside the robot dinosaur.
ABILITY: Jumps forward and lands with a S.T.O.M.P.

Lady grenade

Straight outta Centre Court. Lady Grenade’s preferred greeting is a savage chest bump she likes to call the Grand Slam.
ABILITY: Serves up a volley of grenades.


From the safety of her weird egg tank. The mother runs her tech startup. It takes a bold CEO to add a cannon to their office.
ABILITY: Hires a couple of loyal Henchmen.


Being raised by bears gave Bearman a unique perspective on life, but he never learned to talk so no one knows what it is.
ABILITY: Charges forward, smashing through and into things.

Airdrops List


Crop an arcade machine on them like a total rockstar. Damages enemy units in a small area and destroys obstacles.


Boosts your units’ attack speed and movement speed with words of encouragement, delivered in an uplifting tone.


Heals your units with some sort of green energy..and a 5-step healing program! Expect more emotionally stable troops after use.


Makes your units invisible for a few seconds, even while attacking. Everyone’s a ninja!


Drops two Troopers on the enemy. Hawaiian shirts and hairy legs falling from the sky – geronimo!


Freezes enemy units and sends a chilling message: someone left the fridge door open overnight and the yogurt has gone bad…


Show that you mean business by pulling an object out of orbit and landing it on the enemy! Deals HUGE damage in a large area.

Defenses List


Deal area damage at very long range.


They come in pairs like socks. But are less friendly to your feet.  Deal area damage to nearby ground units.


Target air and ground at a long-range with lethal efficiency. Another henchman makes a mother proud.

Plumber Hole

Plumber hole is like witch of coc. It continues to produce plumber toward the attacker’s troops.


It is just a bomb. it destroys your enemies when it comes at its position.


Walls are a defense for your building. It just like a clash of clan’s wall. You could put walls surround your defense to protect it’s from direct attack from enemies.Walls are used to block enemies from entering inside the base. Use walls in front and around your resources so you get a chance to protect all your resources.


Its barrels spin fast, then faster. then fastest! Perfect for taking down big targets.

Box Ninja

It is a box of the ninja. When attacker army comes toward you and when nearby box ninja, one ninja come out from its and destroy enemy troops.

Freeze Mine

It freezes enemy troops for some time. Work as fridge airdrop but as a defense for you.


Shoots a human-size ball of plasma that passes through and damages all enemies in its path! Range is from long to very very very long.


Dummy is work as a dummy. it just wastes time on enemy troops. And during that time, your defenses can destroy enemy troops.


It is a tesla tower. And destroy enemy troops.

Rocket Trap

As the name says, It rocket trap, When enemy troops are nearby its, a bundle of rockets are come out from its and destroy troop.

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