Rumble hockey Guide

Rumble hockey Guide: Best Tips & Tricks to win every Battle

Rumble hockey is a brand new Strategy based game. In this guide, you will get Rumble hockey Guide with the best tips and tricks to win every battle in this game.

Rumble hockey is the PvP( Player vs Player) game. In this game, you have to need to choose your rumble from many rumbles and take battle again your enemy. All battle is live. So get have a look at the best Rumble hockey Guide.

Rumble hockey Guide & Tips

As  I said early, there are so many rumbles in this game. So my first tip is on select rumbles wisely. Below guide and tips on Rumble hockey.

Choose your Rumbles wisely in your team

As you know that there is so many rumble in this game. So I recommend you to before choosing any rumble in your team, it is the best thing to read about a rumble role. By tap on any rumble, you will get rumble information.

I recommend you to read about each and every rumble before involving rumble on your team. Once, you have made team, try out it on real-time battle. Because without experience, you can’t take any decision regarding rumble.

Make Different team of rumbles and try out in real battle

You can make three different teams for your battle. However, you can use only one of team formation at times in the battle.

So The best way to understand different team formation is that always try to make different combinations of rumbles and use it’s in real-time battle. This will give you the overall ideas of your team. In addition, you will understand which rumble is more suitable for another.

So this is the best beginner strategy to understand each and every rumbles in this game.

Unlock Instant chest by watching ads

Whenever you win the battle, you will get a chest. You can put a chest for unlocking. There is a total of three types of chests. Silver, golden chest, and colossal chest. Silver chest takes 3 hours, golden 8 hours and colossal chest take 12 hours to unlock.

Rumble hockey Guide

However, you can unlock these chests by watching ads. Each ads around 25 to 40 seconds. It depends on ads type. So this is one best way to unlock chest faster. But keep in mind that there is a limit to unlock chest by watching ads.

Focus on earning more trophies by win battle

Whenever you win the battle, you will get a few trophies. Trophies decide your league. Also, keep in mind that as you level up and win the more battle, your trophies will increase. But when you lost your battle, few trophies decrease.

Drop rate depends on opponent trophies and league. Also, keep in mind that every opponent has the same league in which you are in. So the experience level of both of you the same. So there is no worry regarding this.

You can’t do anything once your rumbler out

Every rumbler has its own movement. But you can’t decide rumbler next movement. Once, your rumbler is out from your side, the rumbler automatically decides its own way. The path of rumbler will decide by the game programming algorithm. So the game automatically handles your rumbler for your best.

But I recommend one thing that helps a lot. Every time, when you drop your rumbler toward the opponent, understand, and watch how to your each rumbler reacts on different type of rumbler. This will help you to make the next strategy for you. So the game is just new. So nobody has an idea of how each rumbler works for a different one. You only one who can try this for your best.

Never waste your gold

Gold is very very important in the game. I recommend you never waste your gold to upgrade your rumble which is not in your team.

Rumble hockey upgrade

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