Rise Of Kingdoms : Full Guides and Tips and Strategies

Rise Of Kingdoms is Online City Building Multiplayer game.Which is support Android and IOS both Platform.This game has been developed by Lilith Games .

Rise Of Kingdoms is very excited game because This game is based on Kingdoms.It mean,Gamer can develop own kingdoms in Game.After Developing,Gamer are allow to Attacking on other Kingdoms thought Army.This is helping to increasing power of Kingdoms.

Game is Fully Online.So Gamer need turning ON Internet connection while starting game.Without Internet,Game cant be starting,Game don't need high speed of Internet and also not taking more date while Playing.

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides

Before We Giving guide for Rise Of Kingdoms,you need to known some basic Topics which all related to Rise Of Kingdoms.This is also part of Rise Of Kingdoms guide.

In Rise Of Kingdoms,You need to building,Attacking and Train Army in game.These are basic Topic for game.

In Building,You need to develop you own building with some trophy.You will get trophy after attacking on other Kingdoms.So Building in important

In Attacking,You need to attack on Other Kingdoms,Because after Attack on Kingdoms,You will get more trophy and other basic necessary points and health.

In Train Army,After Attacking ,You must need to Train your new army for defense and Other Attack.After Every Attack,Keep put new army in training.So,Your Level will keep increasing.

Playing Guide For Rise Of Kingdom

Basic Guide For Kingdoms

You need to installed Rise Of Kingdoms.This game support both platform Android and IOS.You can download from Play Store and also iTunes Store.This is free to download from both  Platform.

Rise Of Kingdoms Guides

In Rise Of Kingdoms,You can build own your Kingdoms.Building your kingdoms using lots of different type of Buildings such as walls,Tavern,City Hall,Store House,Lumber Mill,Archery Range,Barracks,Scout Camp,Farm,Hospital etc.These all are helping you to building amazing kingdoms. To making Strong Kingdoms,You need to Upgrading these all type of building with time.

For Upgrading,you can use Food Recourse and wood Resource.If you want instance upgrading,you able to use Gems for updating.

You can stolen this resource by attacking on other Kingdoms.For this,you need to training your army and attacking.This is also happen on your kingdoms.It mean,some players can also attack on your kingdoms for theirs kingdoms.So,This is continues process.

Economy Building Guide For Rise Of Kingdoms

To make your kingdoms more powerful,you need to have Powerful Kingdoms.For this,you have high level of buildings,You need to upgrading your building with time.There are lots of Building are available in Game.We will take one by one.

City Hall

City Hall is main building in Your Kingdoms.City Hall is giving New Army,Commanders and other important updates after you have upgrade your current City Hall.High Level of City Hall giving more number of Army and more advantages.

City Hall giving to chance enter in New Era.There are different types of Era are in Rise Of Kingdoms.Check this list.

1.Level 4 City Hall – Bronze Era
2.Level 10 City Hall – Iron Era
3.City Hall Level 16 – Dark Era
4.City Hall Level 21 – Feudal Era




Rise Of Kingdoms city hall


Farm is useful for Producing Foods for Your Kingdoms.For Producing more foods,you need to have high level of City Hall.This helping to make your Kingdoms more powerful.Food also helping to making strong army.



Rise Of Kingdoms farm

Store House

Store House helping to Store Foods.It it giving advantage when you are under attack.When Other players have been attack on your Kingdoms, Store house foods are helping you to your army.



Rise Of Kingdoms

Alliance Center

Alliance Center is One type of Building which allow to visit your Alliance Member Kingdoms.If In your kingdoms,Alliance Center is present then your add other Member and send to join in your kingdoms Alliance.

This is helping to making powerful Alliance.



Rise Of Kingdoms


Academy is useful to upgrading Building Faster.It increasing speed of upgrading. It give new technologies to governor which are helping to grow kingdoms.



Rise Of Kingdoms

Military Building Guide For Rise Of Kingdoms

Military Building is help to in Defensing,Attacking and stolen.If Military power is stolen than overall growing will faster.In military building,there are lots of buildings are included.Such as Scout Camp,Tavern Barracks,Archery Range,Stable,Siege Workshop,Hospital,monument,Castle and Bulletin Board.These all are part of Military Building.

If these all are upgraded then you have maximum probity to win the battle.But all these building are not available in City Hall level 1 and 2.As you increase the level of City Hall you will getting new Military building.So you need to latest level of City Hall for accessing these all type of military building.


Tavern offer to governor for opening Gold and Silver Chests.This chests are allow to governor for choose 4 items chosen at random from a plethora of items.



Rise Of Kingdoms c


Tavern offer to governor for opening Gold and Silver Chests.This chests are allow to governor for choose 4 items chosen at random from a plethora of items.




Barracks are very important.Which allow to train new troops for Attacking and Defensing. Barracks have limited number of troops.To increase capacity of troops,you need to upgrading barracks.High level of barracks have high number of troops.This helping to attack more powerful.



Rise Of Kingdoms c

Archery Range

Archery Range is one trainer building which allow to training Archer troops.This Building unlock at City Hall level 2.After Upgrading City Hall 2,you will get Archery Range building and you able to train it.



Rise Of Kingdoms

Scout Camp

Scout Camp is building which unlock after City Hall 2.This Building allows the governor to dispatch scouts in order to dispel fog, locate Tribal Villages, or explore Mysterious Caves.



Rise Of Kingdoms


Stable will unlock after City Hall 3.This building use for training Cavalry troops. This  building is under Barracks type buildings.



Rise Of Kingdoms


Siege in Building which unlocked after City Hall 4.This Building use for mainly upgrading for Siege units.Siege Building is helping to training for siege units.




Hospital very important building for kingdom.This allow to giving re-heath after attacking on other kingdoms.When you attack on other kingdoms,your troops are damaged.So their need to treatment.In Hospital,troops will automatically treated.

Theirs relive and ready for rejoin army.So this is Very Important unit for Kingdoms.



Rise Of Kingdoms

Tips For Rise Of Kingdoms

There are main points which re imports to keep in mind while play Rise Of Kingdoms.Because you will not follow these then you never get more points or more promotion.These are basics but very Important. These helping you to get achieving more Foods,more army and every things you want to get.

Never Waste Gems

Gems are very important.Do not use gems for things that are useless.Gems will very useful in future.So keep save gems for future use.Yes,It is right that gems are used for upgrade building instantly.But it not mean that you waste your gems for useless upgrading things.Keep save gems and will do use it in future when you need building upgrading in emergency time.Without any needed upgrading building,never wasting your gems for unnecessary things.

Yes,you will get gems in game after completing some mission.Like upgrading city hall at level 5.there are lots of mission in game.Complete it one by one and will get gems.

Build Powerful Kingdoms

Powerful Kingdoms always help you from enemy attacks.If you city hall is Level 7 but your army level and other buildings level are lower than it is useless.

To Build Powerful Kingdoms,you need keep upgrading buildings.For doing this,you also need to do attacks on other kingdoms.These attacks are help to getting more Foods,Gold which are primary need for upgrading.

You need to upgrade your commander and Troops also.These are giving protection to your kingdom from another enemy who can attack on Kingdoms.Also keep in mind,Your walls are also up to date with City Hall.Wall are protecting from enemy attacks.

Join Powerful Alliance

Search for Alliance which members are in High level.Because Powerful alliance  is always help to getting more troops for attacks.Alliance also give some other advantaged such as Join in war,Free Resource  and other lots of benefit.You can also build you own Alliance and Invite new members for it from Global.

Keep Completing Daily Objective

Rise of Kingdoms give Daily Objective mission.After completing these missions,you will gets lots of Awards.It will helping to grow your kingdoms and Army.

So These are some basic tips which helping to grow Kingdoms .If you regularly follow tips then you will easily build powerful Kingdoms.

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