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Ride Out Heroes has been launched Global. The game comes with so many heroes inbuilt. In this article, you will get the list of all heroes are available in the game and hero’s skill and basic weapon of each hero.

If you are a friend of Battle royale game then you definitely try Ride out heroes once. Because this is a very similar game to the fortnite game. A game giving amazing graphics and there is no lack of heroes. You have more than 9 heroes in the game. Each hero comes with his own power and skill. So it is a pretty interesting thing about this game. However, the game is just launched. So You may get a few bug issues or connections or any other error regard to the game. But You can report it’s to the developer.

Ride Out Heroes: List Of Heroes


Atlas is a brand new hero in the game. It just introduced a few days ago. His main weapon is the Polearm of the Raging Sea which makes him more powerful in the game.

Main Weapon: Polearm of the Raging Sea

Atlas Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Water Trajectory Help to turn into Water and boost damage.
Water Spear To locked to enemies and freezing enemies for the upcoming 1.5 Second.
Flood Trap When enemies are near around its, Crystal will blast and give damage to enemies. 
Water’s Curse  Help to put a water curse on enemies. This curse is only for 8 Second.
Vortex Bursting  This is one passive skill. Up to 3 vortexes can exist at the same time.


Atlas is a brand new hero in the game. She is known for Sniping in the game. She good sniper. If you want to do sniping and want to be a sniper in the game, then you can choose her to your hero. Also, She has a calm and cold personality.

Main Weapon:  Embrace of Roses & Whisper

Tania Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Electric Shot It charges your weapon for 20 seconds. 
Imprisonment Force Field It generates slowdown failed Sourrouding your enemies and help to charge your weapon for 20 seconds.
Ion Shield Generate Ion Shield in front of you and absorb damage up to 1800.
Electromagnetic Trap It helps to slow down enemies and give 700 AoE Damage. You can put this trap up to 3 at the same time.
Flying Grabber  Help to launch Grabber toward enemies.


Chaos is one underground champion hero. His main role is in the game is boxing and fighting. Also, He likes fighting, adventure and anything exciting.

Ride Out Heroes List

Main Weapon:  Claws of Darkness

Chaos Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Shifting Shadow This skill helps him to Gains invincibility when moving. Gains 250 temporary shields.
Flaming Rage Unleash Attacks all enemies within reach 3 times, dealing a total of 680 damage and knocking them down.
Darkness Rising GenLocks on and charges in the target’s direction, knocking them into the air, dealing 360 damage and stunning them briefly.
Arcane Shackle Shoots out dark chains, stunning the enemy and dealing damage. Any further damage dealt with the enemy will end the stun effect.
Combat Potential  shoots out dark chains, stunning the enemy and dealing damage. Any further damage dealt with the enemy will end the stun effect. enemies.


Rangar is likes Drinking and adventure stories. But he hates Royal houses, naval armies, and faction activities​. His main weapon is cutlass which Releases a wave of energy. The magic blade Laevatein. These things make him one amazing hero.

Main Weapon:  Cutlass & Naval Canon 

Rangar Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Sea Ward It creates a sea barrier in front, lasting up to 6s and blocking up to 2000 damage.
Flayer Hook Launches a chained hook to the front, dragging the enemy towards him and dealing with 700 damage to them.
Wave Vortex Creates an ocean vortex, dealing 625 damage to surrounding enemies within a radius of 10m.
Holy Warcry Roars loudly to awaken his inner potential, boosting his ATK SPD and MSPD by 50% for 5s.
Wave Strider Locks on and charges in the target direction, dealing 400 damage to enemies along the way. 


Robin likes Weapon maintenance and black tea. And hate Lawless and noisy people. The main weapon of the robin is Crow Longbow and it has very attack power. It is very different from other regular bows. Also, he is one good protector in the game.

Ride Out Heroes List

Main Weapon:  Crow Longbow& Chaser Bolt

Robin Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Dazing Arrow Dazing arrows are co weapons. Without it, the whole weapon is useless. It fires to dazing arrow toward enemies and deal 300 damage.
Steady Aim This skill helps you to fire 3 arrows toward your enemies and deal 170 damage. 
Hunter Orb This helps you to Fires a prying arrow forward, scouting the area and marking enemies for 5s.
Elvish Trap This trap skill helps you to catch your enemies and deal with 50 damage/second.
Raven Shade This skill helps you to roll you. You can use this skill when enemies nearby you and distract his attention.


Lilith is one female hero with Unique weapons Medusagazer and Flame Staff. She likes Desserts and pranks and hates ​​​Spicy food and weak souls.

Ride Out Heroes List

Main Weapon:  Medusagazer & Flame Staff

Lilith Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Shadow Storm This skill starts rain of substance around the enemies. and dealing with amazing damage.
Shelter While sheltered, she cannot attack, move or be attacked, but recovers HP over time. 
Orb Array Conjures up an array of 6 fire orbs.
Flame Wing Damage to the fire before climbing into the sky, damaging the surrounding enemies.
Dash Moves quickly in the direction of the target for a short distance.


Tesla is one grand engineer hero in the game. He has abilities to flow flame and also he can do sniping using his sniper gun MGL / Sniper Rifle.

 Ride Out Heroes List

Main Weapon:  Flamethrower & MGL / Sniper Rifle

Tesla Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Fortitude Create an optical fortification (maximum 11 at a time) to provide a vantage point.
Tesla Coil Laying coil of healing lasts up to 6s.
Nuke Rocket Forces 10 flares, does 50 damage and fires a target area of ​​5 meters radius for 6s.
Fire Amor  Creates flame armor by blocking damage up to 450.
Propeller The target ignores its propeller to fly faster in the direction.


Hasam is one dancing assassin.  His main weapons are Bladed SMG & fly-daggers.

Ride Out Heroes List

Main Weapon:  Bladed SMG & Fly-daggers.

Hasan Hero
Skill Use of Skill
Shadow Lurk Places a decoy and becomes Hidden, increasing her MSPD by 25% for 8s.
Paralyzer Drop a paralyzed bomb, which explodes in the mist and inflicts 100 damage.
Whirl Dance Make impenetrable protection for 1.5 seconds.
Flurry Blade Swings his blade quickly to bring a deadly wave forward.
Assault Draws its cutters in the direction of the target.

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