Rest In Pieces Mobile : Guides & Tips

Rest In Pieces is One Running Game.This is Horror Game in which one soul is keep running and collecting rewards like Gems.Rest In Pieces is free to download game.Game is easy to play and easy to control.In this game,you need to contentiously running in one way.There will be many obstacles along the way.But you have to run without stopping.

This is decision taking game in which you need to decision that which is better for you.If you will decide wrong way to go then you will be meet with obstacle.And you will go out from game.So,Decision making is one perfect solution to keep alive in game.

Control Of Rest In Pieces

There are no many different control in game.You can control the game with two fingers in your hand.In which left finger is used to move to the left and right finger used to move to the right side.


There are so any obstacles will come in way.But You need to save from them.Game controls are so easy and easy to understand.Any one can control this easy control.So there are no any high level controls for game.

Tips For Rest In Pieces

We are giving some easy to Tips for rising your level.These will helping you for getting more level ups.

Grab Gems

In Rest In Pieces game,game allow to Collecting gems.Collect maximum gems as possible by your self.Because Gems are useful for passing level.


Gems are also useful for unlock another souls.If you have high number of gems then you can easily unlock souls which work as character.There are so many souls are available in game.By default  game has GEORGINA soul.But You can unlock new soul by gems.Such as Leotard,Tiny, etc.

Some times you need to collecting Eyes for unlocks these souls.

Collecting  More Eyes

Eyes are useful for unlock next  soul.You will get Eyes by running more in game.As you run more in game,Eyes will automatically come in your path.You just need to catch it using your skill.If you missed to catch it then you need to wait for another eye.

Eyes are automatically come one after one.But as you run with time,obstacles will trying to hitting you.Game be faster with time period.So you will be need to take right decision with minimum time quantity.

So Eyes collecting are very useful to unlock next souls.

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