Realm of Alters: Best Beginner Guide & Tips on Playing

Realm of Alters is one new Card-based game. In the Realm of Alters, it’s a battle of wits, and building decks to create powerful strategies. In this guideline, you will get a guide on Realm of Alters and how to play Realm of Alters.

There are many such things that new players need to know before starting the actual game. Things such as mana, Deck, type of cards, etc. So check out the guide on the realm of alters.

Mana Guide

You can put only 1 card (of any type) into your mana zone from your hand each turn unless a spell or effect allows you to put more.

You don’t have to put a card into your mana zone each turn if you don’t want to. Limit to the number mana you can have is 10.

Cards in your mana zone can give you mana to use. Mana is used to summon Followers, cast spells. Cards in your mana zone can’t do anything but give you mana.

Some card effects or Hero ability do allow players to recover Followers you put into the mana zone.

How to summon a Follower

Choose a Follower from your hand. The cost for a Follower is in the upper left corner.If you can’t pay the cost, you can’t summon the Follower.

You pay a Follower’s cost by consuming mana. At least 1 of the mana in the mana zone must be the same Color as the Follower. (Summoning a green follower needs at least 1 green mana crystal).

Realm of Alters guide

You pay for a Follower, whenever putting it into the battle zone. The maximum number of Followers you can have in the battlezone is 5.

Followers can’t attack the turn you put them into the battle zone because they have Summoning Sickness. They will be able to attack your next turn.

Tips: ” Maximum cards you could have in hand is 10.Extra cards will be destroyed.”

How to cast a spell

Choose a spell from your hand. The cost for a spell is in the upper left corner. If you can’t pay the cost, you can’t cast the spell.

Realm of Alters guide

You pay a spell’s cost by consuming mana. At least 1 of mana in your mana zone must be the color as the spell you cast. For instance, to cast a Red Spell that costs 4, at least 1 red mana is in the mana zone. Whenever this condition is fulfilled, and you have enough amount of mana, you are good to go.

After you pay for a spell, do what it says. If you can’t do everything it says, that’s okay. Just do as much as you can. Then put the spell into your graveyard. Realm of Alters guide

How to summon an Evolve Follower

Summoning an Evolve Follower works just like summoning a regular Follower, except you can summon an Evolve Follower only when you have the correct kind of Follower already in the battle zone. The Evolve Follower tells you what kind of Followers you need to have.

Realm of Alters guide

Once you summon an Evolve Follower, put it on top of the Follower it “evolves” from. Leave that Follower underneath the Evolve Follower, but ignore it. Only the Evolve Follower’s Name, Abilities, Color, are important.

Evolve Followers don’t get summoning sickness even if the Follower they evolved from had summoning sickness, so you can attack immediately after you put them into the battle zone. There’s no limit to the number of Evolve Followers you can put on top of each other.

Special Ruling: If your Evolve Follower was summoned on another Follower that has already attacked, the Evolve Follower loses its action point and thus cannot attack or use the active ability.

Realm of Alters guide

Playing Guide

Life & Shield: Each player would have 2-3 Shields at the start of the game, which they are formed by cards from your deck. The very first physical attack would destroy shields instead of deducting the health of the player. When anyone breaks your shields, the card placed in the shield would go into your hand as resources.

Mana Generation: Each turn, you could manually generate 1 mana by putting 1 hand card into the mana drop zone.

Summon Follower/ Spell Casting condition: In your mana bar, has 1. Enough mana count 2. At least 1 mana with the same color.

Skill Guideline



Summon-Trigger Ability trigger when playing from the hand
Death-Trigger Ability trigger when the Follower is destroyed on the battlezone.
Shield-Trigger It costs (0) this turn if it is put to hand from shield.
Dash Dash Follower does not experience Summoning sickness.
Blocker Players cannot attack any other characters while there is an enemy blocker on the battlefield. 
Charger After you cast this spell, put it into your mana zone instead of your graveyard.
Double-Breaker Break 2 shields in 1 hit.
Insight Your spell does extra things with more insight
Evolve Evolve on top a Follower in the battlezone, sacrificed Follower will be out the game.
Summon Sickness


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