PUBG Season 9 Week 7 Mission Guide & Tips

Check out the PUBG  season 9-week 7 mission list and guidelines and tips for doing it early and easily. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG Season 9 Week 7 Mission

Get 8X Scope 5 matches in Classic Mode

The way to do this mission easier that inform your teammate to give his 8x scope just put into your bag. Once you have put inside your bag, then you can easily give it again to your friend. This is one amazing way to do this mission faster and easily. otherwise, you can look for loot too. If your luck is good, then you will get the 8x scope easily.

Deal 1000 Damage in a single match

Keep in mind that here, there is no any specific mention that in which mode. So I recommend you to go to war under arcade mode. Because In war, you definitely get a minimum of 1000 damage if you are normal player in PUBG Mobile. Otherwise, you also go for regular matches and do this mission easily.

Land within 200 m of your parachute location 3 times

So you knew well when your PUBG plane takes off to land you on your favorite places, you notice that is one white linear line which displays you’re the main path of plane in which your plane going.

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

So to complete this mission, As you see, you need to land area which is under this line up to 200 m. So as you see in the above image, I had marked my location, when I want to go. So its location is away abutted 119 m from the White line.

So you need to land such these type of location which away maximum 200 m from the white line. So this is one easy but if you don’t know good guide then it becomes a very difficult mission.

Kill 5 enemies with S1897

S1897 is one shotgun in the PUBG Mobile. In this mission, you have to need to kill a minimum of 5 enemies with this gun. There are no map selection rules and games of mode. You can choose any mode and any game-playing mode.

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times

Many players are still confused about this location. Because most of the players are never going for any other maps. So they have not information about other map’s location.

So EI Pozo is one location and you will get this location in Miramar map. As you can see below the image, there are so many buildings around the whole EI POZO area. You need to land on any building from this area. You need to total 3 times lands in this area’s buildings.

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times - 50 RP

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times

Kill 20 Enemies in Pochinki area with M416 or SCAR-L

In this mission, you have to need to kill 20 enemies with either M416 or SCAR- L gun in the Pochinki area. Keep in mind that Pochinki is one of scary areas in PUBG mobile.

Kill 20 Enemies with UMP 45

In this mission, You have to need to kill a total of 20 enemies with UMP45. Keep mind that PUBG has been released the new update of PUBG Mobile. So UMP need .45 Bullet instead of 9.00 mm.

Finish Sanhok in Top 5 3 times  in Classic mode

As you have known well that at the end of every match, You will get rank in match. It totally depends on you how much time you were in-game and how much time playing the match. If you live still at the end of match then you will get Num 1 rank. So you need to get Top 5 3 times in the Sanhok map under classic mode game playing.

Kill at least 2 Enemies from the Same Squad 2 times in Classic Mode

There is a total of 25 Squad per match. Each squad has four members in the game. Now To do this mission, You need to kill a minimum of 2 members of any squad. So i.e, You have killed one member of Squad, Then It squad has three left members. Now you need to kill another member from the left three-member. So Your mission completed, You will do this two time in classic mode gameplay.

Get Level 3 Backpack in 10 Matches

In this mission, You need to find level 3 Backpack in any mode. In every match, I think you will get a level 3 backpack. So it is not harder for everybody.

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