PUBG Season 9 Week 6 Mission Guide & Tips

Check out the PUBG  season 9-week 6 mission list and guidelines and tips for doing it early and easily. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG Season 9 Week 6 Mission

Use the ” Thanks” or ” Greet” emote in Los Leones

As you can in Below image, you will get both emote “Thanks” and as well ” Greet”. You just need to use anyone from both these in the Los leones area in Miramar map.


Thanks and Greet Emote

Kill 3 Enemies with AWM In any Mode

The best and faster way to do this mission is gone for sniper training. Because AWM is one Premium Sniper Rifle and you will get it only from Drop Hunting. But players who are new, I recommend you to go to sniper training under Arcade mode. Because you will get AWM Sniper easily from there. Otherwise, you can also go for a regular mode like Classic mode.

Kill 2 Enemies within 300 Seconds of landings in Classic mode

There are many ways to do this mission. You can go for most dangerous areas such as Pochinki, Georpol where most of the pro players are landing there. But if you are new in the game, then I recommend you to keep waiting at the end of the landing. Because in every match, there are few players who are under offline mode. Those are landing at end of landing time. Their landing made by the game. You can easily kill them by following an automatic landing at the end of landing.

Kill Enemies from  200 M away three times

Kill an enemy from 200 m away is something difficult thing in PUBG Mobile. But you do this mission faster then we have a tip for you.

First thing, You need to do that Knocked down the enemy. After knocked him, Go away 200 from him and Aim him and Kill him. Boom!

Land on Top Of Any Building In San Martin 3 Times

Before going for this mission, you have to know about San martin’s place in the map. You will find the San martin location in Miramar map, which is the second map in the PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 mission

San Martin in Miramar Map

In san martin, there are a lot of buildings are there. You just need to land on any building while landing from Airplane. You need to do this work three times on the same map and the same location which is san martin. Here is no rule for any building,so you can land on any building. But building must in the San Martin area.

Kill 20 Enemies in Pochinki with Assault Rifle

Pochinki is one favorite place and very scary area in pubg mobile In this mission, You have to need to kill a total of 20 enemies in the pochinki area. You can choose any Assault rifle. Below the table show, the list of all assault rifles available in erangle map.

You can use any rifle from this. All this is an assault rifle in-game.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
AKM 49 7.62 0.30 s
M16A4 43 5.56 0.22 s
SCAR-L 43 5.56 0.29 s
M416 43 5.56 0.26 s
GROZA 49 7.62 0.24 s
AUG 43 5.56 0.26 s

Kill 20 Enemies With DP 28

DP 28 is an amazing gun in PUBG Mobile. This is one of my favorite gun in PUBG. It has 47 Bullet capacity and also has high damage. So overall DP 28 is nice and Strongest gun.

In this mission, You need to kill a total of 20 number of enemies in-game. There is any rule for map selection and mode selection. You can choose any map and any mode.

Kill 3 Enemies with PAN

Killing enemies with PAN need very effort. But you can do this mission very faster by doing this thing. The first thing you need to do is that knocked your enemies with any rifle and then use your pan to kill him. This kill will calculate under killing with pan.

Get Level 3 Helmet in 10 Matches

In this mission, you need to get the level 3 helmet. There are many ways to get a level 3 helmet. So go for loot and get level 3 helmet to do this mission.

Deal a total 4000 Damage in Any Mode

I strongly recommend you to choose arcade mode and go to war. In war mode, you will get easily 4000 damage in one to two matches.

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