PUBG Season 9 Week 4 Mission Guide & Tips

Check out the PUBG  season 9-week4 mission list and guidelines and tips for doing it early and easily. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG Season 9 Week 4 Mission

Earn S rating or above 3 times while in a group with friends in classic mode – 75 RP

As you know well that at the end of every match, you will get a rating according to what you did in the match. When you give amazing performance by doing maximum kill, revive your teammates etc – all things help you to get S rating. So start to do these things in the game.  But the major requirement is that you have to need to play with your friend and must in classic mode.

pubg season 9 week 4

However, if you are playing with your friend who already has RP Pass then you will get extra RP Points. See the above image for more information.

Kill an enemy 30 meters or above away with grenade twice – 150 RP

In this mission, I highly recommend you first knocked down your enemy then throw grande on him. Keep in mind that the distance between you both must be 30 m or more. This type of kill will calculate under grenade kill. There are no rules for maps and game of mode. You can choose any mode of playing and do this mission.

Open 3 Airdrops – 75 RP

The best way to doing this mission is that play in Solo mode. Because in the squad or duo mode, there is more chance of an attack on you by another squad team. Which affects your ranking. So choose the solo mode and go for airdrops hunting.

Otherwise, the other best way is that choose war mode. In war mode, you will get airdrops easily. And there are no ranking points.

Deal total of 500 Damage to Enemies Head – 75 RP

Taking damage from headshot or headhunting is a very difficult thing for newbie players. But war mode is one amazing way in which all players can get head damage. Because mostly, in war playing mode, all fight is between short distance and there are maximum chances to get headshot kill. So go to war and do this mission faster.

Use Have a drink emote in POCHINKI area – 50 RP

To do this mission, you have to reach level 40 in RP Mission. Because once you reached level 40, this emote will unlock for you.

pubg season 9 week 4
Have a drink PUBG Mobile emote

Once, this emote unlocked, you can play in the pochinki area and complete this mission.

Win a classic Match while wearing level 3 armor – 100 RP

This is a new interesting mission. As you have known that there are three types of Armor are in the game. Level 1 to level 3. But you have to need to win the classic mode map match and at the end of the game, you have to weared a level 3 armor. So to do this mission, you must have a level 3 armor in the match.

Kill enemies with M24 in any mode – 50 RP

The M24 is a second-ranked sniper after AWM. But in this mission, there are no rules for maps and mode of playing. So in recommend you to choose sniper training mode and play in this mode.

Because in this mode, you will get easily M24 Sniper and it is a very rare sniper. There are very minor chances of getting this sniper in regular classic mode. So it is better for you to choose the sniper training mode.

Kill 20 Enemies in Sahmee with an assault rifle – 50 RP

In this mission, you need to kill an enemy with an assault rifle in the Sahmee area.

sahmee pubg mobile mission
sahmee pubg mobile mission

You can use any rifle from this. All this is an assault rifle in-game.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
AKM 49 7.62 0.30 s
M16A4 43 5.56 0.22 s
SCAR-L 43 5.56 0.29 s
M416 43 5.56 0.26 s
GROZA 49 7.62 0.24 s
AUG 43 5.56 0.26 s

Reach platinum tier or above – 50 RP

There are so many tiers in PUBG Mobile. Each to reach any tier, You have enough trophy in your profile. Check out the list of all tier in the below table and get an idea of your current tier.

List Of PUBG Mobile Tier List
Tier Name Required Trophy 
Bronze  1 –  1399
Silver 1400 – 1499
Gold 1500 – 1599
Platinum  1600 – 1699
Diamond 1700 – 1799
Elite 1800 – 1899
Master 1900 – 1999
Grandmaster 2000 + 
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