PUBG Season 9 Week 3 Mission Guide & Tips

Check out PUBG  season 9 week 3 mission list and guide and tips for doing it early and easily. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG season 9 week 3 mission

Kill 20 enemies with M16A4 – 150 RP

M16A4 is one burst gun in the PUBG. In this mission, you have to need to kill a minimum of 20 enemies with this gun. There is no rule for maps and modes of the game. You can play in any mode either classic or arcade mode.

Kill 5 enemies by Headshot – 75 RP

Taking Headshot kill is a very difficult thing. But it is not harder for everybody. If you love to sniping in-game then it is very easy for you.

But players who don’t know about sniping those are very serious for this mission. So who doesn’t like sniping, I recommend to those go to war mode. In war mode, All fight is going under short range. And it is always possible, Per war match, you will get a minimum 1 headshot kill. You can also do this mission in a regular classic match.

Kill 3 Enemies with Vehicle – 75 RP

In this mission, you have to need to kill enemies with the vehicle. You never kill with the bike. So you must have either a buggy or a car. Now, I recommend you to play in solo mode. Because in solo mode, you will get a car and buggy both. But the main reason behind solo mode is only that in solo mode, you only one player. So you just need to drive the car. So kill calculate under your profile.

Whenever you playing with your friend in duo and squad mode and you traveling by your squad in-game and player kill by your car or buggy, the kill will calculate who was driving a car. So keep in this in your mind.

Get Smoke Granade in 20 matches – 75 RP

In this mission, you have to need to collect at least one smoke grenade per one match, you need to total play 20 match and get one smoke grenade in each one.

Complete 10 matches with a friend – 50 RP

As you knew well that PUBG giving features to invite your friend in your lobby. In this mission, you have to need to invite your friend and play with him at least 10 matches. You can also go with your friends. So play in duo or squad mode with your friends.

Kill 10 enemies in Miramar in classic mode with a shotgun – 100 RP

Miramar is one big map in Pubg mobile. In this mission, you have to need to kill enemies with the shotgun. You will get below shotgun in the Miramar map. You can choose anyone from the below list.

  • S12K
  • S1897
  • S686
  • Sawed-off

Are you suffering from a complete mission in PUBG season 9? Check out PUBG Season 9 week 3 mission guide and tips.

Get flare gun once in a match for 5 times – 50 RP

Getting a flare gun is a very difficult task for players. It totally depends on your luck. But there are many places which help you to get flare gun such as

In Erangel Map

  • Georgopol 
  • Novapol
  • Military Base 
  • School
  • Zharki

Sanhok Map

  • Bootcamp 
  • Paradise Resort

Miramar Map

  • Hacienda del Patrón
  • Pecado Casino & Gym
  • Prison

Vikendi Map

  • Cosmodrome 
  • Castle 

Kill 10 Enemies with SKS – 50 RP

SKS is one automatic sniper gun in pubg mobile. It has a very high recoil but it gives very high damage. In this mission, you have to need to kill 10 Enemies with SKS guns. I recommend you to go to sniper mode training and kill 10 enemies. Because there are no rules for a mode of playing.

Land on Top of Building in Ha Tinh – 50 RP

First, you need to know in which map, you will find Ha Tinh Area?

So, guys, Ha Tinh area is one area in which you can find it in the Sanhok map.

pubg mobile season week
Ha Tinh Area Sanhok

To do completing this mission, you need to land on any building of this area. You need to land three-time by playing a minimum three-match in PUBG Mobile. So to do this mission, you need to must play in the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile.

Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once – 50 RP

You can use one simple trick to do this mission. First, you need to just knock out your enemy. After knocking him, mark your point in the map by using Mark my Position option.

Once you mark, go away there to 300 meters. And using scope 4x,6x or 8x, Kill your enemy.

So this is one simple tricks to do this mission easily and fastest.

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