PUBG Season 9 Week 1 Mission Guide & Tips

Finally, PUBG  has been launched season 9 and in this article, you will get tips and guide for season 9 week 1 mission. Check out PUBG Season 9 Week 1 Mission Guide & Tips.

PUBG Season 9 Week 1 Mission Guide & Tips

Complete 15 matches with friends – 150 RP

In this mission, you have to need to play 15 matches more than it with your friends. To play with your friend, just invite your friend and go with him. There is any rule for maps and modes of gaming. You can choose any map and any mode for playing the game.

Kill 15 Enemies with an assault rifle in Sanhok in Classic mode – 75 RP

In this mission, you need to kill a minimum of 15 enemies while playing on the Sanhok map. But while killing them, You must have an assault rifle. Here is a list of assault rifles which you will get in Sanhok Map.

Groza* 49 0.08 613 30 715m/s 10,000
AKM 49 0.1 490 30 715m/s 10,000
AUG A3* 43 0.086 502 30 940m/s 9,000
M16A4 43 0.075 573 30 900m/s 8,000
M416 43 0.086 502 30 880m/s 3,500
QBZ-95 43 0.096 448 30 870m/s 9,000

So you can choose any gun from the above list on this map.

Kill 3 Enemies with Pistol – 75 RP

Many players are confused about this mission. But to do this mission, you just have to need to first knock out any enemy with any gun and swap gun into the pistol and kill with the pistol. This type of kill will count in your pistol kill.

Destroy 10 Vehicle Tires – 75 RP

Just search the vehicle and destroy tires. There is no rule for the vehicle. It may be buggy, bike or cars.

Land on Top of Building in the School area 3 time – 50 RP

This is another simple mission. You need to land the school building. There is much building in the school area. You can land on any building from it.

Win the Classic match while wearing a Lvl 3 Helmet – 100 RP

This is a new interesting mission. As you have known that there are three types of helmets are in the game. Level 1 to level 3. But you have to need to win the classic mode map match and at the end of the game, you have to weared a level 3 helmet. So to do this mission, you must have a level 3 helmet in the match.

Add 3 Friends – 50 RP

In this mission, you have to need to add three friends. You may send a new request or accept your pending request. Both are work for this mission.

Give 20 Likes to Teammates – 50 RP

In this mission, you need to give 20 likes to teammates. Here, you just need to play with squad or Duo mode. If you will playing in solo mode then you could not give like at the end of the match. So it is recommended to always play with Duo or Squad mode. And give like at the end of matches.

Use the ” Clap ” or ” Greet ” emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

You are well knew that what is the pochinki. But you need to use Clap or Greet Emote in the Pochinki area.

pubg season 8 week 1
Clap and Greet Emote

You can choose anyone from clap or great emote.

Reach Gold Tier or Above – 50 RP

There are so many tiers in PUBG Mobile. Each to reach any tier, You have enough trophy in your profile. Checkout list of all tier in the below table and Get an idea of your current tier.

List Of PUBG Mobile Tier List
Tier Name Required Trophy 
Bronze  1 –  1399
Silver 1400 – 1499
Gold 1500 – 1599
Platinum  1600 – 1699
Diamond 1700 – 1799
Elite 1800 – 1899
Master 1900 – 1999
Grandmaster 2000 + 
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