PUBG Season 8 Week 6 Missions List and Tips

PUBG Season 8 Week 6 mission has out. All players are want to get tips to complete all mission faster and faster with easiest way. Checkout easiest way to complete week 6 mission with guide and best tips by Gaming Guider.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 6 Mission

Use The Dodge Emote in Military Base area – 75 RP

Most of players are well known where is military base area. But some are don’t known about Which emote called as Dodge?

pubg mobile season week
military base area

So as you can see above image, you will get Military base area in Erangle map.

dodge emote
dodge emote

To get dodge emote, You need to get 65 RP Rank in Season 8. After reached 65 Rank, You will get dodge emote. This is only for players who have RP Pass in Season 8.

Kill 15 Enemies with Assault Rifle in Sanhok Map – 150 RP

In this mission, you need to kill minimum 15 enemies while playing in Sanhok map. But while killing them, You must have assault rifle. Here is list of assault rifles which you will get in Sanhok Map.

Groza* 49 0.08 613 30 715m/s 10,000
AKM 49 0.1 490 30 715m/s 10,000
AUG A3* 43 0.086 502 30 940m/s 9,000
M16A4 43 0.075 573 30 900m/s 8,000
M416 43 0.086 502 30 880m/s 3,500
QBZ-95 43 0.096 448 30 870m/s 9,000

So you can choose any gun from above list in this map.

Deal 1000 Damage in Single map -75 RP

This is very very easy mission for every player. This mission not requre any tip. You need to deal total 1000 damage in this mission. Damage mean , Whenever you take fight with enemies at that time, You will give some damage to your enemies with your gun or fist or grenade. These all type of damage calculate in your damage ranking.

When you complete knocked one enemy with fully health , You will get total 100 Damage points. So this far this system is work.

Get 4X Scope 10 Times in Classic mode – 75 RP

There are many scopes are available in PUBG Mobile. Stating from Red dot to 8x Scope. But you need to find and get 4x scope in classic mode. There are any other rule for specific map. So you can choose any map from four map such as Erangle, Sanhok, Vikendi and miramar.

Reach Diamond Tier or Above – 50 RP

There are so many tier in PUBG Mobile. Each to reach any tier, You have enough trophy in your profile. Checkout list of all tier in below table and Get idea of your current tier.

List Of PUBG Mobile Tier List
Tier Name Required Trophy 
Bronze  1 –  1399
Silver 1400 – 1499
Gold 1500 – 1599
Platinum  1600 – 1699
Diamond 1700 – 1799
Elite 1800 – 1899
Master 1900 – 1999
Grand master 2000 + 


Kill 20 Enemies With DP 28 – 1OO RP

DP 28 is amazing gun in PUBG Mobile. This is one of my favorite gun in PUBG. It has 47 Bullet capacity and also has high damage . So overall DP 28 is nice and Strongest gun.

In this mission, You need to kill total 20 number of enemies in game. There are any rule for maps selection and mode selection. You can choose any map and any mode.

Finish Top 3 3 times in any mode – 50 RP

As you known well that at end of every match, You will get rank in match. It is totally depend on you how much time you were in game and how much time playing the match. If you live still end of match then you will get Number 1 rank . So you need to get Top 3 2 times in any mode.

Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once – 50 RP

You can use one simple trick to do this mission. First  of you need to just knocked out your enemy.After knock him,mark your point in map by using Mark my Position option.

Once you mark,go away there to 300 meters.And using scope 4x,6x or 8x,Kill your enemy.

So this is one simple tricks to do this mission easily and fastest.


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