PUBG Season 8 Leaks,Royale Pass,New Outfits,Updates News

So You all known well,This is last week of PUBG Season 7.And after this week,New PUBG Season 8 will be start with new mission,new updates and new outfits and new brand Royale pass.

So,There are also some leaks out which are related to PUBG Season 8 such as new outfit,New mission,New news and new updates.So in this news,we will cover all leaks one by one.

PUBG Season 8 Leaks

So there are many new leaks has been out of PUBG season 8.Such as new cover of PUBG Season 8.This is one new cover of PUBG Season 8 which is totally amazing and looking s attractive.


pubg season 8 leaks

PUBG Season 8 Cover


So this is one logo of PUBG Season 8,Which is very attractive and very looking good.So you knwon well,every season pubg had changed season logo.So in this season 8,PUBG is going to take this logo as it season 8.

pubg season 8 leaks

PUBG Season 8 Logo

This is seems like octopus.So maybe you will see some octopus update in this game soon.So we can’t say anything right now. But logo of Season 8 seem like octopus.

Royale Pass

Whenever you go for purchase new RP pass in PUBG Game,you have two choice to buy pass.One is Elite pass and second one is Elite Plus pass.But here is one different change.

pubg season 8 leaks

PUBG Season 8 RP Pass

You will first royale pass in 600 UC and second one is you will get in 1800 UC.But you can in image,You will get one request button right side of UC.So this is why and what is update of this ,Currently there are no any leaks about this.So maybe this is one new uodate you will see in Season 8.

New Cloth Outfit

This is one new outfit which is seem like Rabbit.Also you will get new skin for KAR98 Sniper and M16a4.

pubg season 8 leaks

Rabbit Outfit PUBG Season 8

So this is new golden new skin which you will get this outfit in season 8.

Leagues Logo Changes

So as you can below image,there are some changes in Logo of leagues.It is not huge changes but minor changes you will get in logo of different leagues.


Leagues Logo Changes

Leagues Logo Changes

So it is look very good.

 DP 28 New Skin

So you will also get this is one amazing Aqua water Blue skin for DP 28 Gun in upcoming PUBG season 8.

pubg season 8 leaks

DP 28 New Skin Season 8

SLAR-L Gun Skin

You will get also scar L skin in Season 8.You need to get some Blue Color in game.

SCAR L Gun skin season 8

SCAR L Gun skin season 8                 

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