PUBG Season 10 Week 2 Mission Guide & Tips

Check out the PUBG  season 10  week 2 mission list and guidelines and tips for doing it early and easily. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG Season 10 Week 2 Mission

Kill Total 20 Enemies with SMG Guns in Classic Mode – 75 RP

There are many guns but you need to know which one is SMG Gun in PUBG Mobile. Below is a list of all SMG guns names and Damage. So pick any gun from below list and go for kill at least 20 enemies in Classic Mode gameplay. There are no such rules for choose a map. You are free to choose any map.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes

Micro UZI

23 25 9mm Single



35 30 045 mm Single


Burst of 3


31 13 9.00mm Single


Burst of 3

Tommy Gun

38 100 .45 Single


Kill at least 2 Enemies from the Same Squad 1 time in Classic Mode – 150 RP

There is a total of 25 Squad per match. Each squad has four members in the game. Now To do this mission, You need to kill a minimum of 2 members of any squad. So i.e, You have killed one member of Squad, Then It squad has three left members. Now you need to kill another member from the left three-member. So Your mission completed, You will do this only one time in classic mode gameplay.

Use the ” Thanks” or ” Greet” emote in Los Leones – 75 RP

As you can in Below image, you will get both emote “Thanks” and as well ” Greet”. You just need to use anyone from both these in the Los leones area in Miramar map.



Thanks and Greet Emote

Kill 10 enemies in Miramar in classic mode with a shotgun – 75 RP

Miramar is one big map in Pubg mobile. In this mission, you have to need to kill enemies with the shotgun. You will get below shotgun in the Miramar map. You can choose anyone from the below list.

  • S12K
  • S1897
  • S686
  • Sawed-off

Reach Gold tier or above – 50 RP

There are so many tiers in PUBG Mobile. Each to reach any tier, You have enough trophy in your profile. Check out the list of all tier in the below table and get an idea of your current tier.

List Of PUBG Mobile Tier List
Tier Name Required Trophy 
Bronze  1 –  1399
Silver 1400 – 1499
Gold 1500 – 1599
Platinum  1600 – 1699
Diamond 1700 – 1799
Elite 1800 – 1899
Master 1900 – 1999
Grandmaster 2000 + 

Get flare gun once in a match for 5 times – 100 RP

Getting a flare gun is a very difficult task for players. It totally depends on your luck. But there are many places which help you to get flare gun such as

In Erangel Map

  • Georgopol 
  • Novapol
  • Military Base 
  • School
  • Zharki

Sanhok Map

  • Bootcamp 
  • Paradise Resort

Miramar Map

  • Hacienda del Patrón
  • Pecado Casino & Gym
  • Prison

Vikendi Map

  • Cosmodrome 
  • Castle 

Complete 10 matches with a friend – 50 RP

As you knew well that PUBG giving features to invite your friend in your lobby. In this mission, you have to need to invite your friend and play with him at least 10 matches. You can also go with your friends. So play in duo or squad mode with your friends.

Land on Top of Building in Ha Tinh – 50 RP

First, you need to know in which map, you will find Ha Tinh Area?

So, guys, Ha Tinh area is one area in which you can find it in the Sanhok map.

pubg mobile season week

Ha Tinh Area Sanhok

To do completing this mission, you need to land on any building of this area. You need to land three-time by playing a minimum three-match in PUBG Mobile. So to do this mission, you need to must play in the Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile.

Kill 20 Enemies with AKM – 50 RP

AKM is known for its two major points in the PUBG. First is it has very high damage and the second is high recoil. Most of the players are getting difficulty to manage the recoil of AKM Gun. In this mission, you have to need to kill 20 enemies with an AKM gun.

Get level 3 armor in 10 matches – 50 RP

There are three types of armor are in the game. Level 1 to level 3. You can get level 3 armor from Airdrop easily. Also, you will get extra snipers such as AWM and other high profile guns. So i suggest you go loot for the airdrop.

However, you will also get level 3 armor by surviving more in the game. Also looting from the house and other buildings.

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