PUBG Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile Lite – Full Comparison

PUBG Mobile is world Most successful Battle Royale Game for mobile device. But major problem of this game is that PUBG Mobile need more graphics and more RAM during running on mobile. If in case, players have low RAM Mobile ( Less Than 2 or 2 GB RAM) then Game will not run properly and players will get leg or hang while gaming. So According to this problems, Tencent has been launched PUBG Mobile Lite, In which players will 90% same experience of PUBG Mobile in Low Mobile Device.

So this is one major different between both game for launched of PUBG Mobile Lite. But there are also many different such as Map, Locations, Graphics, Enemy Position. Emote etc. In this article, you will get all A to Z different between both Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile Lite


PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offer four different maps now. Such as Erangle, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok. These all maps are well made and extremely amazing. This is because each map size is large. So it is obvious that Map build quality will extremely high and superb. Also location of houses and other such as Car Locations, Grass ground and trees are superb fine. So it will give you real world experience while gaming.

PUBG Mobile Lite

But In lite version of PUBG Mobile, The total game size is around 450 MB and if you just take Miramar map then Miramar map has 385 MB size. This is only Only one map size of PUBG Mobile. So You can get ideas of Map quality.

But still, In now PUBG Mobile lite giving only one map and it is erangel map. Reason behind only one map is only that In More map will need more size and Ram. So Tencent only offer one Default map in PUBG Mobile lite.


PUBG Mobile

You known well that PUBG Mobile has total around 2 GB size of data. So it is huge bigger than Mobile lite version .It around 4 times bigger than PUBG Mobile Lite. So It is obvious to PUBG Mobile give excellent High Graphics to players. All graphic are extremely fine and realistic.

Also All locations and sound quality are amazing. In also you could customize your graphics according to your prefer. This help to optimize your mobile RAM.

PUBG Mobile Lite

Instead of PUBG Mobile, Lite version also give good graphics. But I have played around 10 matches in LITE Version, But I am PUBG Mobile player, So it is natural that I was not satisfied by graphics quality. But players who never played PUBG Mobile on mobile, those all will definitely like this graphics quality. Because of it provide 75 % same experience of PUBG Mobile.

If talking about sound quality, then It is also fine. You will get realistic sound and you will get ideas of enemy position and direction by sound which come from Headphone. Because sound is live and come from All different four directions. So new players who just started PUBG Mobile game first time, those all are definitely like this game graphics.

Number Of Player Per Match

PUBG Mobile

There are total 100 number of players do participate in each Classic Mode match. And end of the match, One squad or one players will get victory. So It is huge amount of players in each match.

PUBG Mobile Lite

In lite version, There are only 60 players participate in each Classic Mode match. This is 60% of PUBG Mobile players. And other mechanism are same as PUBG Mobile. Last players will get victory at end of match.

Flare Gun

PUBG Mobile

You will get Flare Gun in PUBG mobile. Using this gun, You can invite Air Drop to drop once on your location. From that Air Drop box, You will AWM Sniper, Groza, Aug etc type of premium and Rare guns. So Flare gun is very very useful all players.

Flare Gun PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile Lite

There are no any feature for Flare Gun. You will not get flare gun in PUBG Mobile lite version. So never waste your time to finding Flare gun in other location.

Arcade Mode

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile provide Classic and as well arcade mode in wwhich you can practice for Sniper Training, War and Mini zone.

pubg mobile vs pubg mobile lite

This arcade mode help to you increasing your performance in Classic game and each match's performance of your classic match calculate in Global Ranking. So Arcade mode very helpful to you increasing your Classic mode performance.

PUBG Mobile Lite

On other side, In PUBG Mobile , you will not get arcade mode. But players who never players PUBG Mobile before, They will not get problem about this thing. But players who played PUBG Mobile once or Many time, I think they will get problem about this thing. But Because Pubg Lite is liter version of PUBG mobile, It is obvious that Arcade mode will take more space on your device and it also make your low spec. device more slower. So PUBG Mobile not allowed to arcade mode in your PUBG Mobile Lite.

Health Restore

PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, In running car or buggy , You could not restore your health. You need to stop any one place and restore your health. If you just move any side then your restore will be fail and you will need to start  it again.

Similar, You could take Pain Killer or any drink while Driving or any running vehicle. Same also you could not take any painkiller while running or walking.

PUBG Mobile Lite

I had played more than 50 Matches and I have found this major Difference between both main. Once when I  was in running car then I took painkiller and I was success in this. After some time, I took Medikit and I started Running forward, I was surprised because I had restore my health using MediKit while running.

So this is major thing, I have notice in both game.

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11 months ago

Nice ..I will get idea about PUBG Mobile Lite games. well Explained

11 months ago

Well Explained main point of PUBG Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile Lite. Good. Keep give amazing info such this.