PUBG Mobile Team Death match -TDM Guide,Tips,Maps and Guns

Recently Few days ago,PUBG Mobile has give new Update for mobile gamer.In new update,it is also one new feature in game,that is TDM Match .TDM is known for Team Death Match .So here we are going to giving very useful and important tips and guide for TDM PUBG.

PUBG Mobile TDM Guide

PUBG Mobile TDM is similar feature like war.But in war mode,you have only one specific gun by default. Which gun you will get in war is depend on server and PUBG Mobile game algorithm.No body surely tell that this time KAR98 come in this war.So it is depend on server.

But in TDM PUBG mobile,you have option for choose either sniper or AR gun.You can also free to choose shotgun also.So this is one amazing feature of TDM.

Weapons in TDM

You do not need to finding any weapons in this TDM.When new game strat,you will be find your self at front of weapons.You just need to choose your weapons in few second.Then weapons is disappear from there.

List Of Weapon For TDM Match

  • Kar98K
  • M762
  • M416
  • AKM
  • Vecter
  • UZI
  • M249
  • SK12


So as you can see in below image that PUBG TDM map is very small with compare regular match and War zone match.

pubg mobile tdm guide

PUBG Mobile TDM Map

There are total two teams are participate in match.Both are in team of 4 players.Map has two side.At starting,each team starting with each two different sided.

In map,there are two side,One is my team side which is describe by colorful players.And second is enemy side,which indited in map image.

When game is started,each player get one Weapons table. According to each player choice and skills,he can choose any weapons from there.At starting of map,each player divisible for first 5 second.Then he will be disable for everybody.This because whenever you are starting game,you are not full ready for match and fight.So PUBG giving time for ready and put all attachment in gun and choose weapons.

Every guns you will find from table.But for M249 which is automatic machine gun,you will find that gun in middle of map.

So this is one special gun which has 100 Bullets capacity at one time.

The Map is very beautiful. This will helping to you to increasing your aiming power and teaming.You get enemy every few second.So overall your killing skills and aiming skill will develop by this.

Also You will get some grenade in mid of map.So you can also throw grenade on your enemy.So if you are looking for grenades then you can also find in some maps area .

Tips for PUBG Mobile TDM

There are few tips for beginner and as well pro players in PUBG TDM. Because in TDM map,map is very small.So if you looking for take KAR98 sniper then it is totally wrong decision for you.Because to use sniper in PUBG,you need to maintain long distance. At least you along with enemy at 100 meter away.But this map is so small.So you can not use sniper for snipping in map.

So it is better that you choose another weapon instead of sniper.

TDM Map is too small.So you can choose here SK12 Shotgun.Because we known that Shotgun giving good job in near distance.And shotgun in made only for short distance killing.So you can choose Shotgun in map.This is best one if you going to choose shotgun.

You can choose AR Guns.Because AR is better for Long and as well short distance.It work good in both type of fighting.There are M416,AK47 ,M762,M249 gun are available in TDM Map.So you can choose this guns for killing enemies.

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