PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 5 Missions Guide & TIps

Get PUBG Season 9 Week 5 mission tips and guide to do its faster in the game. It helps you to do all missions and help understand each mission.

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PUBG Mobile Season 9 Week 5 Mission

Kill 20 Enemies in Classic mode with light machine guns – 150 RP

Many players are confused about light machine guns. There are two light machine guns in PUBG Mobile. Namely DP47 and M249. These both are amazing machine guns. In this mission, you have to need to kill the enemy with any one them. Also, just playing in Classic mode. There is any rule for choosing the map. You can choose any maps to do this mission.

Open Five Airdrops – 75 RP

Airdrops are main way to getting AWM or any other high-quality guns in the game. But if you want to do this mission much faster than I strongly recommend you to choose war mode. In war mode, map is not huge and airdrop frequently drop from the sky. So this is amazing way to do this mission. Also, you can choose regular playing in the classic mode as well. There is no restriction.

Use Kick Emote in Military base area – 75 RP

To getting the kick to emote, you have to need to RP Pass. once you get 65 RP, you will unlock kick emote in the game. once unlocked, just go to the military base area and use ie once.

Carry your teammate for a total of 10,000 m while driving a vehicle – 75 RP

In this mission, you just need to play with either duo or squad.  Also, you need to travel at least 10,000 m while driving you any vehicle, you can choose either buggy, car or bike. There are no any rule for the vehicle. But keep in mind, here clearly mention that carries your teammate  – So you need to operate a vehicle.

Land on top of building Quarry – 3 Times – 50 RP

In this mission, you need to land on any building which is under the quarry area. As you can below image, you will get the quarry area idea.


So choose Sanhok map and land on top building in this area.

Kill 12 Enemies in Los Leones with SMG – 50 RP

Before you go for this mission, you have to know about Los Leones area in pubg map. So in Miramar map, You will get Los Leones location in pubg.

los leones area in pubg

So as you can see in the above image, There are so many buildings in this area. So you need to fight with the enemy in whole this area. If you will kill enemies in around this area, then that kill calculates under this mission. But only kill with you did with SMS Guns.

Finish Top 3 2 times in Vikendi in Classic Mode – 50 RP

Vikendi is an amazing map. As you have known that at the end of each match, you will get your rank according to your playing performance. In this mission, you need to get rank at least 3 or more than 3 while playing in the vikendi map under classic mode.

Kill 20 Enemies with AKM – 50 RP

AKM is known for its two major points in the PUBG. First is it has very high damage and the second is high recoil. Most of the players are getting difficulty to manage the recoil of AKM Gun. In this mission, you have to need to kill 20 enemies with an AKM gun.

Land at least 1500 m from your parachute location 1 time – 50 RP

This is not a very difficult mission but if you do not have good information, then this mission can be difficult for you,

You have known well that whenever you go for any match, your plane takes off. And you can mark the location when you want to land. So here, you need to mark location which is more than 1500 m from your current location.

pubg season 8 week 1
Land at least 1500 m from your parachute location 1 time

So as you can see in the above image, I have mark one location using the yellow mark, Which is 1592 m away from my current location. So I go to that location.

You can also mark more than 1500 m and land on that mark. But always keep in mind, wherever you land, it should always more than 1500 m.

If you want to complete this mission fast, then we recommend going for solo match. Land such above mark and leave the match. So this is one faster way to do this. But you can also do this Duo and as well squad.


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