PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 Missions Tips & Guide

Finally, Week 8 of season 8 has come and got tips for PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 Missions. Check all mission list and guide which help you to complete these missions.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 8 Missions

Complete 10 matches in Arcade mode – 75 RP

There are two types of mode in this game. Arcade mode and classic mode. In arcade mode, you will get war mode, sniper mode and any other mode to play a game.

In this mission, you need to play a total 10 number matches in arcade mode. You can choose any gameplay mode such as war, Sniper training, etc.

Kill 3 Enemies with Fist – 150 RP

The easiest way to doing this mission is first knocked Enemy and go near his and start giving damage with a fist. So this type of kill calculates in your fist kill.

 Revive teammates 5 times – 75 RP

In this mission, You need to revive your teammates. So you must need to play with duo or squad mode for this mission.

Land within 200 m of your parachute location 3 times – 75 RP

So you knew well when your PUBG plane takes off to land you on your favorite places, you notice that is one white linear line which displays your the main path of plane in which your plane going.

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

So to complete this mission, As you see, you need to land area which is under this line up to 200 m.So as you see in the above image,I had marked my location, when I want to go. So its location is away abutted 119 m from the White line.

So you need to land such these type of location which away maximum 200 m from the white line.So this is one easy but if you don’t know good guide then it becomes a very difficult mission.

Kill 12 Enemies in Los Leones with an assault rifle – 100 RP

Before you go for this mission, you have to know about Los Leones area in pubg map.So in Miramar map, You will get Los Leones location in pubg.

los leones area in pubg

So as you can see in the above image, There are so many building in this area. So you need to fight with the enemy in whole this area.If you will kill enemy in around this area, then that kill calculates under this mission. But only kill with you did with assault rifle Gun.

Use Clap Emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

Many new players are confused about clap to emote in-game. So as you can see in below image, You will get an icon of clap to emote.

pubg season 8 week 1

Clap and Greet Emote

So you need to use this emotes in pochinki area.

Land on top of any building in the Quarry Area 3 times – 50 RP

In this mission, you need to land on any building which is under quarry area. As you can below image, You will get quarry area idea.


So choose sanhok map and land on top building in this area.

Kill 10 Enemies with SKS 50 – RP

SKS is one sniper gun in PUBG mobile. This is very strong gun but it has very high recoils. So it is very difficult to use this gun for newbie players.

So the best way to do this mission is first knocked your enemies with any gun and then choose SKS to kill them.

Deal a total 4000 Damage in Any Mode – 50 RP

I strongly recommend you to choose arcade mode and go to war. In war mode, you will get easily 4000 damage in one to two match.

Get flare gun once in a match for 5 times – 50 RP

Getting a flare gun is a very difficult task for players. It totally depends on your luck. But there are many places which help you to get flare gun such as

In Erangel Map

  • Georgopol 
  • Novapol
  • Military Base 
  • School
  • Zharki

Sanhok Map

  • Bootcamp 
  • Paradise Resort

Miramar Map

  • Hacienda del Patrón
  • Pecado Casino & Gym
  • Prison

Vikendi Map

  • Cosmodrome 
  • Castle 

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What AR do I need to use the 12 kills in Los Leones because I’ve used almost all of them and none of them seem to count!

Agam singh
Agam singh

Same i do many times but my kills doesn’t count in mission i use AR like ak m416

samar pratap
samar pratap

i have taken kills almost in every part of los leones by every assault rifle.but it didnt count . what to do?

Abhishek Suva
Abhishek Suva

Yes, almost everyone is facing the same problem
This is some glitch and it should have been solved by the Tencent team way before
This kind of thing discourages people from pursuing challenges


Kill with smg… It’s a glitch…. Kills with smg are counted

chandu praveen
chandu praveen

its not counting bro, I’ve nearly done 24 kills


the RP mission is broke. Just use a SMG (Sub Machine Gun) it counts towards the kills, that’s how i finished mission. smh tencent and their unexpected bugs…


I hope this helps anyone out who’s reading this! GL, HF, and I’ll see ya’ll on the battlegrounds.