PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 7 Mission Explain

Hello Pro!! It times to reveal Week 7 missions. Get amazing tips for completing PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 7 missions. Checkout All missions and guide for How to do these missions more faster and with easiest way.

Also If you are new and want to get high RP Rank at ending of Season 8, Also checkout our past Season 8 week missions. these help you to increasing your RP Rank in season 8.


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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 7 Missions Tips – 75 RP

Kill 2 Enemies within 100 seconds of Landing in Any Mode

There are so many way to do this mission. Here Two tips which help you do this mission more faster.

Tip 1 – Method 1

As you known that In every match, There are some few players in your plane. So If you are playing in solo or duo this tip is very useful. You well known that if you do nothing but at end of line , You will automatically jump from plane. So at that time, Some offline players also come with you. So do nothing and just go down without taping on parachute. After landing, You will notice that 2 to 3 players are around you and those are doing nothing. So kill them . So this is one method.

Tip 2 – Method 2

You can also choose war mode to do this mission. This is another way to do this mission. So go to war mode and play war and kill enemies.

So this is two method, I recommend  you. If you have another method, Comment below in Comment box. Which help you other players.

Travel over 30000 m in Vehicle – 150 RP

This is simple mission. Find any vehicle after sufficient loots and travel anywhere in map. But i recommend  never spend more time for this mission. This mission automatically done if you playing pubg more.

Get Level 3 Backpack in 10 Matches – 75 RP

In this mission, You need to find level 3 Backpack in any mode. In every match, I think you will get level 3 backpack.So it is not more harder for everybody.

Kill 5 Enemies by Headshot – 75 RP

Taking Headshot kill is very difficult thing. But it is not harder for everybody. If you love to sniping in game then it is very easy for you.

But players who don’t known about sniping those are very serious for this mission. So who don’t like sniping, I recommend to those go to war mode. In war mode, All fight are going under short range. And it is always possible, Per war match, you will get minimum 1 headshot kill.

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times – 50 RP

Many players are till confuse about this location. Because most of players are never going for any other maps. So they have not information about other map’s location.

So EI Pozo is one location and you will get this location in Miramar map. As you can see below image, there are so many building around whole EI POZO area. You need to land on any building from this area. You need to total 3 times lands in this area’s buildings.

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times - 50 RP

Land on Top of any Building in El Pozo 3 Times

Complete 15 Matches with Friends – 100 RP

As you known that PUBG mobile giving amazing option which is playing game with friends. Yes, You can add new friends and find social media friends (If you have login Facebook- Twitter).

In this mission, You need to invite your friends in your lobby and play total 15 matches. There are no any such rules for map and mode. You can play in any map and any mode.

Kill 5 Enemies with Pan – 75 RP

In this mission, You need to total 5 enemies with amazing weapon pan. Easiest way of do this mission is that first  knocked your enemies and then kill with pan.

Destroy 10 Vehicles Tires – 50 RP

Every vehicles have tires. Without tired, Its can’t operate or work. In this mission, You need to destroy 10 vehicles tires. You can also find any vehicle and destroy tires.

Get Frag Grenade in 20 matches – 50 RP

Whenever you looting in PUBG Mobile, You will also get frag grenade. It is very useful at last circle. In this mission, You need to find one frag grenade in each match. You need to total play 20 matches and find frag grenade in each match.

Kill 20 Enemies in Sahmee with assault rifle

In this mission, You need to kill enemy with any assault rifle in Sahmee area.

sahmee pubg mobile mission

sahmee pubg mobile mission

You can use any rifle from this. All this are assault rifle in game.

Weapon Damage Ammo Time to kill
AKM 49 7.62 0.30 s
M16A4 43 5.56 0.22 s
SCAR-L 43 5.56 0.29 s
M416 43 5.56 0.26 s
GROZA 49 7.62 0.24 s
AUG 43 5.56 0.26 s

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