PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 5 Mission Explain

PUBG Season 8 has been already launched last month. There are three week passed and players looking for week 4 mission Guide.Here PUBG Season 8 Week 5 all mission guide.Checkout all missions guide.


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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 5 Mission

Earn S Ratting or above 3 times while in a group with friends in Classic mode – 75 RP

In this mission, you need to Earn or get S Ratting at end of game. In every end of match, You Will get your grade according to your performance in match. So it is depend on number of kill, health restore and many other factors.

So You will get easily S ratting but to you need to play with your friends and also in Classic mode. So invite your online friends and play with them.

Kill 3 Enemies with AWM In any mode – 150 RP

Easiest way of to do this mission is go to sniper mode. You will easily get AWM in sniper mode and also get 3 kill. So go to Sniper mode and go for this mission.

Recover total 1500 Health – 75 RP

Every time, whenever you take fight, You will get some injures  and use Drinks, Pain killer or health kit to recover your health. So this will calculate in your recover health . In this mission, You need to total 1500 health recover. So you need to play more game and take more fight with enemies,

Open 5 Air Drop – 75 RP

There are main two type of air drop in PUBG Mobile. First is normal Airdrop and second is flare gun air drop. You need to open this type of air drop total 5 times. So find flare gun or air drop and go for open it.

Kill 20 Enemies in Pochinki Area with M416 Or Scar – L – 100 RP

In this mission, You need to kill total 20 number of players in Pohincki area.  There are any such rule for mode of gameplay. So you can also choose Arcade mode – Mini zone to do this mission. I think, It is best option to choose arcade mode and go to mini zone. Because This will help to do this mission faster.

Use The ” Flip” Emote in School Area – 50 RP

There are so many emote and these emotes you will get by earning More RP and complte mission in each new season. In this mission, you need to use Flip emote in School area. Below image show to find Flip emote in your emotes.

flip emote PUBG mobile


Kill 20 Enemies with M416 Or Scar L in Pochinki Area – 100RP

Pochinki is one of famous area in PUBG map. In this mission, You need to kill total 20 enemies with Scar L or M416 Gun. Both gun work on 5.56 MM Bullets. And both gun providing high damage and low recoil. So it is very easy mission for all players.

Eliminate 10 Players with G36C – 50 RP

G36C is new gun and you will get this gun in Vikendi map. So never looking for this gun in other map. Direct go to vikendi map and find gun.

Eliminate 10 Players with G36C - 50 RP
Eliminate 10 Players with G36C – 50 RP

And you need to total 10 enemies with this gun to complete this mission.

Land on Top of Any Building on Pochinki Area – 50 RP

As you already known that Pochinki is one of famous area in PUBG Game. So in this mission, You need to land on any building which are under pochinki area. There are so many building in this area. So go to map and land on any building under this area.

Finish Top 3 2 times in Vikendi map in Classic mode

As you known well that at end of every match, You will get rank in match. It is totally depend on you how much time you were in game and how much time playing the match. If you live still end of match then you will get Num 1 rank . So you need to get Top 3 2 times in vikendi map and classic map.


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