PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 4 Mission Explain

PUBG Season 8 has been already launched last month. There are three week passed and players looking for week 4 mission Guide.Here PUBG Season 8 Week 4 all mission guide.Checkout all missions guide.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 4 Mission

Reach Platinum Tier or Above – 75 RP

If you are daily playing PUBG mobile, Then You are maybe above Platinum Tier or In Platinum Tier, But Who don’t play regular pubg mobile, They need to reach Platinum League in the PUBG Mobile. There are so many leagues in the PUBG Mobile and one of this is Platinum Tier.


List Of PUBG Mobile Legues
League Name Required Points
Bronze  1 –  1399
Silver 1400 – 1499
Gold 1500 – 1599
Platinum  1600 – 1699
Diamond 1700 – 1799
Elite 1800 – 1899
Master 1900 – 1999
Grandmaster 2000 + 

So this League table also help you to reach Platinum Tier.

Kill at least 2 Enemies from the Same Squad 2 times in Classic Mode -75 RP

There are total 25 Squad in per match. Each squad have four members in the game. Now To do this mission, You need to kill minimum 2 member of any squad. So i.e, You have killed one member of Squad, Then It squad has three left member.Now you need to kill another member from left three member. So Your mission completed, You will do this two time in classic mode gameplay.

Kill 5 enemies with S1897 -150 RP

This is another Simple mission. In this mission, You need to kill 5 Enemies with Shotgun S1897. It very difficult to kill with shotgun. But First Knocked down the enemies and then use the shotgun to kill him. This type of kill will calculate in Kill with Shotgun.

Open Three Air Drops – 75 RP

There are some Air Drops drop from Air  Plane in PUBG Mobile while paying gaming. It is not any specific location or mark for drop. So You need to Open at least three air drops while gaming.

You known well, Each Air Drop will give you premium Guns and Sniper. So go  for Drops and Do this mission.

Kill an Enemy with 30 meters away with Grenade twice – 100 RP

Best way of complte this mission is that knocked down enemy and then go away 30 m or more from him. And kill him with grenade. So this is one simple and best way to do this mission faster.

Land on Top of any Building in School Area 3 time – 50 RP

This is another simple mission. You need to land school building. There are many building in school area. You can land on any building from its.

Kill 20 Enemies with SCAR – L – 50 RP

Here, There are no any rule for Mode or Maps. So faster way of do this mission is that Choose war mode. In war mode, You will may get KAR 98 Or Scar L gun. Because KAR 98 Kill mission is aslo in this week. So no matter, What you will get in war.But this will help to complete both mission together.

Otherwise, You can also choose classic mode and do this mission.

Kill 5 Enemies With Kar 98 – 50 RP

As we suggest in Previous Mission, Best way is War Mode. But you can also choose classic mode and do this mission.

Get Level 3 helmet in 10 Matches – 50 RP

You will easily Get Level 3 Helmet in Classic and as well Arcade mode. So this is not hard mission.

Kill Enemies from  200 M away three times – 50 RP

Kill enemy from 200 m away is something difficult thing in PUBG Mobile. But you do this mission faster then we have tip for you.

First thing, You need to do that Knocked down enemy. After knocked him, Go away 200 from him and Aim him and Kill him. Boom !

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