PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 3 Mission Explain

In this Guide, You will get all about Guide and tips for How to Complete PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 3 Missions with best explanation. All missions are here and also you will get previous weeks missions links. So If you want to check past week mission and guide, You can also checkout from Below given link.

PUBG Season 8 Week 1 Mission
PUBG Season 8 Week 2  Mission

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 3 Mission

Finish in Top 3 3 Times in Squad Classic Mode – 75 RP

In this mission, You just need to playing with your squad team. And get minimum Top 3 Rank at end of match. Here, You have to play always in classic mode. You could not go with training mode or war mode. But you are free to choose any map from Classic mode. Such as Miramar, Sankhok, Erangelor Vikendi.

Kill 20 Enemies in Military Base Area – 150 RP

Some new players are don’t known that Where is Military Base area in PUBG Game? So You will get Military base are in Erangel map which is fault map by PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile season week
military base area

So, as you can see above image, You need to kill minimum 20 enemies in this whole area. There are no any rule for use of Guns. you can use any type of gun either Assault Rifle or Shot Gun etc. Even you can kill with grenade also.

Get Smoke Grenade in 20 Matches – 75 RP

This is another one simple mission and this mission mostly repeatedly in every season. So in this mission, You need to get smoke grenade. And it is not very hard to getting smoke grenade. You will get atleast one grenade in one match. So You can easily do this mission by playing any 20 matches.

Deal Total of 500 Damage to Enemies’ Head – 75 RP

Deal Total of 500 damage is very easy thing but get this damage from Head , it will something tricky. Because all are no pro player in pubg whose easily get head shot kill.

But we have tip for you faster complete this mission. Go to war and start killing enemies. You will get easily 500 up damage and also get some practices .

Land on Top Of Any Building In San Martin 3 Times – 50 RP


PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 mission
San Martin n Miramar Map


Kill Total 20 Enemies with SMG Guns in Classic Mode – 100 RP

There are many guns but you need to known which one is SMG Gun in PUBG Mobile. Below is list of all SMG guns name and Damage. So pick any gun from below list and go for kill at least 20 enemies in Classic Mode game play. There are no any such rule for choose map. You are free to choose any map.

Weapon Damage Clip size Ammo type Firing modes

Micro UZI

23 25 9mm Single



35 30 9mm Single


Burst of 3


31 13 .45 Single


Burst of 3

Tommy Gun

38 100 .45 Single


Kill 10 Enemies or more in One Single Match – 50 RP

Best way of complete this mission is Go for war map or TDM which is new mode. Because in both this mode, You will get easily 10 kill in match. If you don’t known anything about TDM Mode, You will get full guide for TDM Mode from here.

So this mode will very helpful to you to do this mission faster. Otherwise you have also different option to do this mission such as regular Classic mode.

Kill 3 Enemies with M24 in any match – 50 RP

We all known that M24 is one rare sniper in PUBG Mobile. But you could easily complete this mission. To complete this mission, We suggest you to go to Sniper Training. Because in sniper training mode, You will get all sniper easily and also get enemies easily.

So the best way of complete this mission is Go in Sniper Training mode.And kill 3 enemies. You can also choose classic mode but it will take some more time but you will differently get M24 Sniper after some matches.

Kill 3 enemies with Vehicle – 50 RP

Most of players are always in don’t about this mission . Because whenever they will go for kill enemies with Car or Buggy or any other vehicle, Enemies start fire on them and they will kill by those. So How to Kill 3 Enemies with Vehicle?

So We give best tips for you. First of knocked Down your enemies with any weapon. And after Sitting in vehicle , drive over them. So this type of kill calculate under Kill by vehicle. So this is one pro Tip.

Kill 20 Enemies with M416A

M416A is one Burst Assault Rifle which need 5.56 MM bullet. To complete this mission, You just need to kill with this gun.


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