PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 2 Mission Explain

Finally,PUBG Mobile Season 8 has been launched today.And most of gamer looking for Week 1 mission guide. So here,We are come with PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 missions guide and will give  tips for How to Complete all mission easily and in faster way.

PUBG Season 8 Week 1 Mission

PUBG Season 8 Week 3 Mission

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 Mission

Complete 10 Matches with Friends – 75 RP

If you are playing PUBG Mobile since long time, then you have lot of friends in your game. To complete this mission, you just need to play minimum 10 matches with your friends. For doing thing ,you can invite in your lobby and play with them.

There are no any rule for classic mode or any other mode. You can play with any mode.

Let Level 3 Armor in 10 matches – 150 RP

To getting level 3 armor in pubg mobile, best way is Go to war and go for loot Drop. Yes,Because in war mode, Air Drop frequently drop from Air Plane. So I think you could get easily from war. But You could also play regular matches and get level 3 armor from looting and as well air drops.

Kill At least 2 Enemies from the same squad 1 Time in Classic mode – 75 RP

Yes, You must need to play with Squad to done this mission. And kill minimum 2 enemies in same match. Here also you need to play in Classic mode. But you can choose any map from four maps in PUBG. So there are no any rule for for choosing map. So start play with your squad and complete the mission.

Land on Top of Building in Ha Tinh – 75 RP

First of you need to known in which map,you will find Ha Tinh Area?

So, guys, Ha Tinh area is one area in which you can find it in Sanhok map.

pubg mobile season week
Ha Tinh Area Sanhok

To do completing  this mission, You need to land on any building of this all area. You  need to land three time by playing minimum three match in PUBG Mobile. So to do this mission,you need to must play in Sanhok map in PUBG Mobile.

Kill 20 Enemies With Assault Rifle in Pochink – 100 RP

Yes, You will get all Assault Rifles Gun list from below Gun Table. You can choose any gun from its. And you must need to play in Pochinki which is in erangel Map.

Name Ammo Cap Power Range Stability Rate
AKM 7.62 30 42 60 34 61
SCAR 5.56 30 37 55 31 71
M16A4 5.62 30 37 62 28 81
M416 5.62 30 37 57 32 77

Land on Top of Building in San Martin – 50 RP

Before go for this mission,you have to known about San martin place in map.You will find San martin location in Miramar map,which is second map in PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 mission
San Martin n Miramar Map

In san martin ,there are lot of building are there.You just need to land on any building while landing from Airplane.You need to do this work three times in same map and same location which is san martin.Here is no rule for any building,so you can land on any building. But building must in San martin area.

Use “Thanks” or “Greet” Emote in Los Leone – 50 RP

Before you go for this mission,You have to known about Los Leones area in pubg map.So in Miramar map,You will get Los Leones location in pubg.

los leones area in pubg

After went in this ares, You just need to use Thanks or Greet emote in anywhere in this area.

Thanks and Greet Emote
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