PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 Mission Explain

Finally,PUBG Mobile Season 8 has been launched today.And most of gamer looking for Week 1 mission guide.So here,We are come with PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 missions guide and will give  tips for How to Complete all mission easily and in faster way.

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PUBG Mobile Season 8 Week 1 Mission

Land at least 1500 m from your parachute location 1 time – 75 RP

This is not a very difficult mission but if you do not have good information, then this mission can be difficult for you,

You known well that whenever you go for any match,your plane take off . And you can mark location when you want to land.So here,you need to mark location which is more than 1500 m from your current location.

pubg season 8 week 1
Land at least 1500 m from your parachute location 1 time

So as you can see in above image,I have mark one location using yellow mark,Which is 1592 m away from my current location. So i go for that location.

You can also mark more than 1500 m and land on that mark.But always keep in mind,wherever you land, it should always more than 1500 m.

If you want to compete this mission fast,then we recommend to go for solo match.Land such above mark and leave the match. So this is one faster way to do this.But you can also do this Duo and as well squad.

Get 8x Scope in 5 matches in Classic Mode – 150 RP

This is a frequent incoming mission.So in this mission,You need to find 8x scope which is one rare scope in PUBG Moble.Also you must get minimum five  8x scope in five different classic mode match.

Add 3 Friends – 75 RP

This is also a frequent incoming mission. In this mission,You need to add minimum three friends in your friend list. To do this,You can accept request from other players and also you can send new request to players. Both are right way to complete this mission. In case, your friend list is already full, then remove old friends and try add to new friend .

Complete 3 Clan Training – 75 RP

To do this mission,You need minimum as least 3 day.And also you have joined someone clan to do this.If you have not join any clan yet,then go to join someone clan.After joining clan,You will get daily activity from clan.This is clan training.This is similar with daily mission in pubg.So you can easily do this.

Kill 20 Enemies with M416 – 100 RP

This is another easy mission. We recommend to you go to war mode and do this mission.But you can also do this mission in classic mode. So you need to kill minimum 20 enemies with M416. There are no any rule for in How many matches.You could play any number of matches to do this mission.

Kill 3 Enemies with Grenade – 50 RP

Basic trick of to do this mission is that just knocked down your enemies and kill him with grenade.So this is one best way to do this mission.

Use the ” Clap ” or ” Greet ” emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

You well known that what is pochinki. But You need to use Clap or Greet Emote in Pochinki area.

pubg season 8 week 1
Clap and Greet Emote

Give 20 Likes to Teammates – 50 RP

In this mission,You need to give 20 likes to teammates. Here ,You must need to  play  with squad or Duo mode. If you will playing in solo mode then you could not give like at end of match.So it is recommend to always play with Duo or Squad mode.And give like at end of matches.


Kill 2 Enemies within 300 Seconds of Landing in Classic Mode

After landing from the plane, you will need to kill 2 enemies. This time it will start soon after landing down from the plane.

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