PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 8 Mission Guide

Finally,Here is PUBG Season 7 last week mission.Here is Week 8 All mission list with guide for How to Complete all PUBG season 7 Week 8 mission.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 6 All Mission Guide

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 All Mission Guide

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 8 Mission

Kill 3 Enemies With Fist – 75RP

You need to kill enemy with your hands or any pan,crowbar,sickle,machete.So you can use these 4 weapons also.Because these four are also weapons which include in fist.So try also these weapons.


Land Within 200 M area Parachute – 150 RP

So you known well,when your your PUBG plane take off to land you on your  favorite places,You notice that is one white linear line which display you main path of plane in which your plane going.

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

Land Within 200 M area Parachute

So to complete this mission,As you see ,you need to land area which is under this line up to 200 m.So as you see in above image,I had marked my location,when i want to go.So it location is away abut 119 m from White line.

So you need to land such these type of location which away maximum 200 m from white line.So this is one easy but if you don’t known good guide then it become very difficult mission.

Kill 10 enemies with SKS – 75 RP

So this is one easy mission.You need to take SKS sniper gun and go for kill enemy.There are no any rule for map or mode of playing such as arcade or classics. You just need to  kill enemy with SKS gun.So it is easy to kill 10 enemy with SKS Gun.

Land on Top  of any building in (Quarry Three Time) – 75 RP

Quarry is one location which you will find sanhok map.So you just need to land any top building which are in Quarry area.



So as you can clear Quarry area in sanhok map.

Get a 8X Scope in 5 matches in Classics mode – 50 RP

As you known,there are so many scopes in PUBG Game.Red dot,2x,3x,4x etc.But you need to find and get 8x scope to complete this mission.Also must playing in classics mode.But there are no any such rule for map selection.You can play any map of classics mode.But you just need to get 8x scope in total number of 5 matches.

Kill 12 enemies in Los Leones with AKM – 100 RP

Before you go for this mission,You have to known about Los Leones area in pubg map.So in Miramar map,You will get Los Leones location in pubg.

los leones area in pubg

So as you can see in above image,There are so many building in this area.So you need to fight with enemy in whole this area.If you will kill enemy in around this area,then that kill calculate under this mission.But only kill with you did with AKM Gun.So AKM is one required rule.

Use Clap Emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

There are so many emote are in PUBG Game.But you having still don’t known which one is Clap Emote in PUBG game,then below image help you to get about Clap Emote.

clap emote

clap emote

But we all known that Pochinki is one of dangerous area in all map.But you can do this mission very easily.Just land of pochinki area and without taking fight with enemy,go out from them.So this is only one easy way to do this mission.

Kill 3 Enemy with Pistol

You can first knock out your enemy and take your pistol and kill him with pistol.So this is one easier way to kill enemy with pistol.Also you can kill offline players with pistols.Also some bots which not giving you more damage.And you can easily identify which one is bots and which one real players.So you will do this mission very easily.

Complete 3 Clan Training – 50 RP

To do this mission,You need minimum as least 3 day.And also you have joined someone clan to do this.If you have not join any clan yet,then go to join someone clan.After joining clan,You will get daily activity from clan.This is clan training.This is similar with daily mission in pubg.So you can easily do this.

Deal total of 5000 damage in any mode – 50 RP

One easy way to do this mission is that Go to war and kill enemy.This is one very simple way to get 5000 damage..But you can also doing this mission in any arcade mode and as well in regular mode by playing regular mode.But in case you are in hurry and want to fast complete this mission,then i Suggest you to go to war and play 2 3 war matches.

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