Pokemon Masters : Beginner Tips for New Players

Pokemon masters is a brand new RPG game for mobile and ios device. Which is developed by DeNA Co., Ltd. Get Pokemon master beginner guide and tips for new players.

If you still don’t know about pokemon masters game, Check our beginner guide for pokemon masters game which helps you get more guides for pokemon masters game.

Pokemon Masters: Tips for New Players

Buy the move gauge slots

Make sure you buy the two extra move gauge slots from the shop. The game starts you off with four of these move gauges and you can have a total of six. it’s a good idea to pick up the extra two as soon as you can.

To do that, you have to go to the main screen the Pokemon Center and then talk to her and then at the bottom, you have exchange items.

Pokemon Masters Beginner Guide
Buy the move gauge slots

then right here at the top, you can see the moving Gauge.

Clearing Story Mode

Clearing story mode your first goal. you’ve already played other gotcha games but I highly recommend that you rush story as quickly as possible.

Clearing Story Mode

The reason for that is because a lot of stuff in this game is locked behind the story. There are 13 chapters in the game in total and in each new chapter you unlock a new character as well. As some new features in the game like level cap increase as well as the events tab.

Level up Rosa, Hau & Skyla

If you’re planning on being free to play, a level of Rosa howl and Scylla immediately. These three characters can all be acquired from the story and they’re kind of the best characters that you can get as free to play.

Brief About Rosa

Rosa is one of the first characters that you get in the game and she’s the only five starters that you get for free and she’s an amazing support.

she can increase the party special attack and she can also restore the move gauge –  which in and of itself is a very powerful ability and on top of that she’s also a very good tank.

Brief About Hau

Hau is a very powerful DPS . His discharge is a very powerful AoE special attack. He can buff his own special attack and he can also buff his own speed. which makes him a very formidable ally.

Brief About Skyla

Scylla has an HP restore and she also has a speed and the fence buff for the entire party. Speed increases the rate at which the move gauge gets restored which also makes it a very powerful ability.

Daily Farm Tip

Make sure you farm your super courses every single day. So this game just like other gotcha games has these daily dungeons that you can farm for resources.

But unlike other gotcha games, this game doesn’t have a stamina system which means you can farm these daily dungeons until you drop.

Try to Enhance Your Character

Many new players are confusing about how to level up my character?

First of all, I would like to said make sure your complete story so that you can unlock all of the leveling up features in the game. then there are a couple of different ways to enhance your character strength.

Regular Level Up Character

You have the regular leveling up menu. So for this, you require some leveling of manuals – which of course you can get those from the daily dungeons as well as the daily super courses. it’s the same for every single item that you need to enhance your characters. Everything can be acquired from your daily dungeons.

So enhancing your character’s level is very important because it increases their stats, unlocking their moves and skills is also really important. Especially for DPS characters because their strongest skills are usually locked behind that upgrade gate so make sure you unlock those.

Level Up Your Cap

You don’t really need any special items but then when you get to the last level cap increase, you start needing some gym leaders notes and these are some very rare items.

Gym leader’s nulls drop from two different places. First of all, you have the very hard super core stages but as you would guess, you need some max enhanced characters to even do those so those aren’t really viable.

Then the second place is co-op. The last four chapters in story mode all have a co-op mode. Just like the daily dungeons, there are three different difficulties in co-op  – normal, hard and very hard.

Gym Leaders nodes only drop-in hard and very hard difficulty. So the best place to farm these is by doing the hard difficulty. Brock, over and over again he’s pretty simple especially if you have Lucario leveled up.


There are very few Pokemon in the game that can actually evolve. We have Totodile, Snivy seal and Piplup.

So the way to evolve Pokemon is by first buying the evolution shards and crystals from the shop. And then heading on over to the sink pair stories tab – where you can select the Pokemon that you want to evolve and then there should be an extra quest there that you can do.

Just pass that quest and you should now have a fully evolved Pokemon.

One more thing because of how easy it is to level up characters in this game. We highly recommend that you get every single sync pair up to a decent level. So that they’re at least usable just so that you can be ready for whatever the games going to throw at us in the future.

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