Perfect World Mobile:Top 7 Tips You Need to Known

Get Best 7 Tips for perfect world mobile Which you need to know before starting the game. Check our tips for perfect world mobile game.

Most of the new players make many mistakes and after some progress in the game, they will start regret. So here, we have to give Best Perfect world mobile game tips which all players have to know before starting the game.

After playing 10 days of perfect world mobile, I have realized that there are many things that are so important at the starting of the game. Such as class, gears, silver coins, etc. Players need to know about this before the game. So I am going to give 8 tips from my side which players need to know.

Perfect World Mobile: Top 7 Tips You Need to Know

Choose Your Best Class at Starting

Many new players are very confused about class selecting. At the starting of the game, game giving five options to choose your class. But without having stuff knowledge of class, nobody can choose their perfect class in the game.

There is a total of 5 classes in the game.

List of Class in The Perfect World Mobile

1. Wizards Class
2. Barbarian Class
3. Cleric Class
4. Blade Master Class
5. Archer Class

If you’d like to be up close and personal and in that boss’s face then you should be a tank. If you like dealing with damage, but not a ton of damage. But being able to take a beating that’s what you’re all about then you should be a tank.  And the tank is Barbarian in the perfect world mobile game. You can turn into a tiger. So if you like tiger then you can choose Barbarian.

If you like being up close and personal but you want to deal the most damage. you want to top the charts and damage, you should be a blade master. you like having a spear and two axes you should be a blade master. If your tank dies, if somehow you can tank lags out and dies and you want to save the team, you can be a blade master. You can be an off-tank and you can tank temporarily until your main tank is rest.

Do you like to heal?  Do you like to dispel? Do you like to raise your party? You have the most important role in a dungeon party if you lag out your team will die. If a DPS lags out your team will just fight longer, if you’d like to be the main role and if you don’t trust others. The cleric is one perfect class for you.

Do you like dealing a ton of damage throwing mountains at people or throwing fireballs at people? And not being gender lot, you can be a male or a female. Do you like dealing with a ton of magic damage? Then wizards are one perfect class for you in the game.

Do you like being able to move around and not have long cast ties, but still do damage. Then archer is one perfect class for you.

Collect Silver Coins as You can

The silver coin is the currency in the perfect world mobile game. Using a silver coin, You can do many things. Such as gears up, unlock dungeon, buy new food, etc.

Also, you can convert these silver coins into gold coins. The gold coin is more expensive than silver coins. So collect silver coins as possible as by yourself in the game.

However, you can sell your items such as stones, vegetable etc to get silver or gold coins.

Unlock New Pet – Eidolon in The Game

Eidolon is very useful during the battle. Check out the full list of all eidolons, grades of them and which is the best class for them.

List of All Eidolon in The Perfect World Mobile

  1. Mountain Spirit
  2. Thunderbolt
  3. Rainbow jade
  4. Cucurbit
  5. Flame Rider
  6. Earthshaker
  7. Oak Spirit

Join a new Guild in The Game

Once you have reached Level 20 in the game, you are eligible to join any guild. You just need to Apply to Join Guild Request before joining the guild. Once Leader of Guild accepts your request, you have joined.

Perfect World Mobile tips
Join New Guild in the Game

Also, you can take the help of Discord server of perfect world mobile game. From this server, you will get your guide based on the region and your mother tongue-based.

The Benefit of the guild is that you can invite your guild member and can battle with them together. So the overall winning chance will increases.

However, once you added in the guild, you have to need to complete your Guild Quest as possible as early.

Always Try to Improve Your LifeSkill

In the Perfect World Mobile game, You can not heal your self or increasing your HP ( Health Powerd) during battle. But if you want to heal yourself, you have to need to drink each soup or eat each food in the game. So level up your life skills.

So making food and store it a very important thing. I recommend that you put one skill point in all of your life skills. There is a luck skill which lets you drop more items. But that is secondary because that is so random you can’t really tell if you are actually getting a benefit.

Equip new Gears to Your Hero

Whenever you get new rewards from mission, dungeons or any other, you have to need to equip each one to your specif hero Because gears make your hero stronger in the game. And as stronger your hero, the possibility of winning any battle will increase.

Find Hide Quest

There are so many hidden quests in this game. Such as Drunk Solder, Killer archer, Meditate, etc. So try to find a new one and get rewards from each.


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