Perfect World Mobile Guide,Tips & Strategies

Perfect World Mobile is a brand new RPG game for mobile. In this article, you will get amazing guide for Perfect World Mobile. Also, get a class guide and weapons guide for the game. Get amazing crafting tips and basics of game.

If you are looking new RPG Game then Perfect World Mobile is one perfect game for you.  This game will give amazing graphics and also you will get action from this game. You will get huge map in this game. This map is over  60,000 square kilometers. Also, the game is giving movie quality graphics and an amazing realistic feel.

In Perfect World Mobile, you will take the fight anywhere. If you want to take a fight in the air, you are free to take it. Also, you can take land and as well in the ocean. So there is no issue. Also, you will get a new adventure from every fight. So this one is the perfect RPG Game for you.

Now, In this article, you will get a guide for the perfect world mobile game. Check out guides and tips for perfect world mobile game.

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Perfect World Mobile Beginner Guide & Tips

Level Up Your Current Level & Experience

You can be increasing your current level using many ways. If you are just starting the game, Then Choose the main quest for leveling up your current level and experiences. You will get your main first quest from the Right side of the top bar. Select one and go to quest. So this is one way to increase your level and experience at the beginning of the game.

But as you increasing level and experience in the game, You will notice that the speed of level up is slow down compared to before. After reaching around 15 level, You have to need to complete events to increase your level in the game.

Go to Event and Choose Exp.

Just Choose Event option and Go to Exp. option. You will get different types of events. Keep in mind that each event has its own time period of the day and need your specific level to join it. Each event will give you tons of experience which helps you increase your level.

I suggest you read the guide for each event before joining the event. Which give you the basic of a specific event in which you going. So this is amazing way to get coins and gears which making your character more powerful.

Try to Get gears from Dungeons

The dungeon is amazing way to get gears for your character. So go to dungeons and choose any dungeons and team up. Dungeons are also helping you increase your experience in the game.

List of Dungeons

  • Crypts of Shadows
  • Apocalypse Valley
  • Gate of Wraiths
  • Cave of Treasures
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Netherworld
  • CoS : Nightmare
  • Apocalypse Valley: Epic

So if you want o gears up and power up fast then do these dungeons in the game.

Also, you can get rewards from gift server days and daily logins rewards. This both gives you gears as rewards. So not miss it.

Daily Login & New server gift

Enhance with Your Gears in the game

Without enhancing, It is nothing your gears. So do enhance for your gears, Its also important in the game.

Why Enhance?

You need to enhance, because it helps you to increase your gear powers, skills, ability, DPS and many more. So in short, enhance make your gears more powerful.

To do enhance your gears, Go to lobby and tap on the Enhance button.  You will get enhance boards.

Enhance with Your Gears in the game

You can also choose an auto to refine for enhancing.  If you don’t like auto refine, Choose Mannully refine options.

Always Participate in Cultivation

Cultivation is another option for level up. In cultivation, You have to need to defeat specific bosses in the battle. When you defeat the boss, you will get new skills. You will find a list of missions in cultivation and you have to need a specific level to enter in cultivation mission. When you reach needed level, then you can participate in the cultivation mission.

Never Miss Equip new gears to Your Character

Whenever you get new gears from enhancing or dungeons, never miss equipping to your character. To equip gears to your character, Go to Bag option and check all list of gears that you already get. Click on any gear and press on equip.

Level Up Your Skills in the game

Skills are a very useful thing for your heroes. If you are going with low levels skills then the overall chance of winning the battle is decreased. But you can do upgrade skills to make stronger your skills in the game.

So Go to skill and check all skills. Skills with Red Dot button saying you for an upgrade. So choose skills which indicating with a red dot. Just press on the skill and press the upgrade button to upgrade it.

Complete Path Mission & Get Rewards

If you want to earn more rewards, then you can choose a path. Path giving you more rewards in the game. In path, You will get a bundle of mission and each mission gives specific rewards according to mission type.

Check out the best perfect world mobile guide. Get an overview of the Perfect world mobile game. Also perfect world mobile tips for level up, rewards, skill guide, Cultivation, and gears tips.

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Im playing it now but after doing the exp dungeon im at lvl 30 and i cant seem to get past lvl 30. Help would be appreciated


do your cultivation quest 🙂


My biggest problem right now is mana. I completely run out halfway through a dungeon and by the time I can use my mana pots, everyone’s close to dead or dead. I also have no mana regen. I’ve been looking everywhere for a solution. Very frustrating


I have realised that the only way to restore HP and Mana in PW Mobile is consuming HP food and Mana food or potions, which can be done on auto when your HP and Mana levels are decreased to a certain amount. HP food and Mana food need to be bought at stores in Archosaur City, or can be crafted by yourself using materials you gathered. Of course, gathering materials and crafting foods and potions consumes Action Points(AP for short), which can be earned through daily events or dungeons. Apparently, there’s no way to regenerate your HP and Mana by… Read more »