Blade Master Class Guide & Skill – Perfect World Mobile

In a perfect world mobile game, There is one Blade Master class. He is amazing DPS class in the game. In the guide, You will get blade master class guides and tips for perfect world mobile games.

Before starting a guide on Blade Master class, you have to know who is blade master? Check first brief intro of Blade master class then go our Blade Master class guide.

If you are in new in Perfect World Mobile game, Check out Beginner guide on Perfect World Mobile and tips for perfect world mobile game.

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About Blade Master

Blade Master is a very cool class in the game. He has a verity of weapons. He has long pole martial arts & dual wield axis. This double axis is very useful to stunning your enemies and give damage to them. Also, Pole arms are giving you enough reach to your enemies. So both make blade master stronger in the game.

Also, you could switch between these two weapons at any time in the game.

Blade Master Class Guide


Axe Strike & Tiger Mah

Axe strike is your basic attack for the blade master class. Tiger mah is an axe only single target very hard-hitting attack. Also, you can change between spear & axe every 24 seconds. So it is not like, you have only one. You can change any time while gaming. So it is cool.

Fan of flames & Drake’s Ray

If you want to only spear the only attack then drake’s ray is good for you. It is useful only on a single target attack.

Fan of flames is a more powerful skill. Because Using this skill, You spin around and maybe get chance stunning enemy for the upcoming 2 seconds. So it very cool and stunning around with flames of an axe. You have to try this once.

Drake Bash & Farstrike

If someone gets too close to you, you can use your spear hit him with far strike and knock them back four meters. So far strike is one closest fight skill. Drake bash is your axe killed dad stunts for two seconds.

Drake Sweep, Cleaves &  Meteor Rush

Drake Sweep and Cleavesc change your weapons and you can use them every 24 seconds.  You don’t use them just to change the weapons, you actually use them, so that you can have the iron body effect. This blocks 20% damage and also makes you immune to stuns, roots, controlling effects. It’s great for block incoming damage.

Meteor Rush is helping you to do 12-meter long-range spear to the enemy.

Shadowless Kick & Tiger Leap

Shadowless Kick helps you to make slower your enemies. But you could use this to interrupt your dungeons bosses. While the tiger leap is working as teleport for you in front of 5 meters. It also makes you 40% faster. This is great for gap closing attacks and jumps behind your enemies.

Rising Wave & Pride

The rising wave is 12 seconds buff. This is your spark skill. 12 seconds buff makes your 60 % faster in the game. During these 12 seconds, Nobody makes you stop.

Pride is huge 10 maters AoE Stun for 3 seconds.

Heaven’s Flame & Glacial Spike

Using heaven’s flame skill, You summon dragons and all your enemies debuff by 15 %. Glacial Spike is one spear version. It freezes your enemies for 2 seconds and gives tons of damage. Also, help you debug enemy defense by 5%.

Sage Blade Master vs Demon Blade Master

Once you have reached level 69, You will get two options for blade master. One is a sage blade master and the second is Demon Blade master.

Sage Blade master enhances your axes. Demon Blade Master enhances your spears. If you want to close-range fight and battle as stunning then sage blade master is perfect for you. Otherwise, you can choose the demon blade, master class.

The demon is very powerful with long-range spears. So it depends on your personal choice which you like from these both.

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