Perfect World Mobile: All Five Classes Guide

In Perfect World Mobile, Players are free to choose their own class. There is a total of 5 five class in the game and any player choose any class for playing the game. In this article, you will get all the class guides and get an idea of which one best for you.

In a perfect world mobile, there is five different class. Each class has There own power. Barbarian class, Blade Master class, Cleric class, wizards class, archer class. Check all class details and get your best class in the game.

If you are new in the perfect world mobile game, check our beginner guide and tips for perfect world mobile game. It helps you increase your level and power in the game.

Perfect World Mobile Class Guide

Cleric Class

The cleric is one elven class who has wings. She has the power of lighting and winds. When someone tries to attack you, she will start to heal you. So she is working as a heal.

Also, she is very powerful. Because whenever someone tries to attack you, she replies to them and saves you. So this is one perfect summon class. Also, you may like her dancing style. Check out the full Cleric class guide and skills.

Blade Master Class

Blade Master is a very cool class in the game. He has a verity of weapons. He has long pole martial arts & dual wield axis. This double axis is very useful to stunning your enemies and give damage to them. Also, Pole arms are giving you enough reach to your enemies. So both make blade master stronger in the game.

Also, you could switch between these two weapons at any time in the game. Check out the full guide and skills of the Blade Master class. 

Wizard Class

If you enjoy doing tons of damage wide-area nukes from long distances, Then the wizard might actually be just for you. The wizard class is not a gender lock. You can be male or female.

So if you want to give more damage and love to battle the wizard is one perfect class for you. Also, you can choose the wizard according to your gender. So this will give an extra realistic feel while gaming.

Also, Check out the full guide and skills of Wizards class.

Barbarian class

The Barbarian class is one untamed class in perfect world mobile game. The untamed class has the ability to transform him into a beast and unleash his unique and real power. Also, In humanoid form, he has the amazing ultimate power of attacks.

He has one mighty hammer and crushes all coming enemies. Also, stun them.

However, He can turn himself into the beast and protect his family from enemy attacks. In beast mode, his defense is very higher and it is very difficult to crush barbarian while he in beast mode.

Personally, this is my favorite class in the perfect world mobile game. Now, check out the skill and guide of the Barbarian class.

Archer Class

If you want to be a helper for your teammate then Archers are one perfect class for you. The main work of archer class is given damage to enemies and going with teammates behind them. Archer’s class is medium stronger. So keep in mind, never take fight again high bosses.

At the starting of the game, you have only one skill and which is arrow skill. Using this skill, you can shoot an arrow on your enemies and give damage. But as you progress more, You will get new skills in the game and you could make your archer more powerful later.

Final Conclusions

If you’d like to be up close and personal and in that boss’s face then you should be a tank. If you like dealing with damage, but not a ton of damage. But being able to take a beating that’s what you’re all about then you should be a tank.  And the tank is Barbarian in the perfect world mobile game. You can turn into a tiger. So if you like tiger then you can choose Barbarian.

If you like being up close and personal but you want to deal the most damage. you want to top the charts and damage, you should be a blade master. you like having a spear and two axes you should be a blade master. If your tank dies, if somehow you can tank lags out and dies and you want to save the team, you can be a blade master. You can be an off-tank and you can tank temporarily until your main tank is rest.

Do you like to heal?  Do you like to dispel? Do you like to raise your party? You have the most important role in a dungeon party if you lag out your team will die. If a DPS lags out your team will just fight longer, if you’d like to be the main role and if you don’t trust others. The cleric is one perfect class for you.

Do you like dealing a ton of damage throwing mountains at people or throwing fireballs at people? And not being gender lot, you can be a male or a female. Do you like dealing with a ton of magic damage? Then wizards are one perfect class for you in the game.

Do you like being able to move around and not have long cast ties, but still do damage. Then archer is one perfect class for you.

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