OSRS – Wine of Zamorak

OSRS – Wine of Zamorak Guide

Looking for ways to get your hands on the Wine of Zamorak? Here are a few tips on how
to grab them with or without the Telekinetic Grab.

In Old School Runescape, Wine of Zamorak serves as a secondary Herblore ingredient. It can be found in a number of locations within the game, including the Chaos Temple and the Deep Wilderness Dungeon. In terms of OSRS gold , its value stands at a single coin, but it certainly has its uses. In this short guide, we will be discussing what those uses are, and why you should be collecting the wines of Zamorak.

Obtaining the OSRS Wine of Zamorak

If you are looking for ways in getting the Wine of Zamorak in Old School Runescape, then there are two ways in which you can do so. Firstly, you can start off by heading to Falador’s west bank. Here, make sure you are wielding a staff that can grant unlimited air runes, and also take with you a restore potion, cakes, and 54 law runes, as well as a looting bag along with the Amulet of Glory. We will be using the Telekinetic Grab technique for these methods, so to start off head north to the Chaos Temple. 

Use the Telekinetic Grab on the table once you have gone up the ladder inside and go back down. Use the Telekinetic Grab again when you get back downstairs on the table across the room to get the other OSRS Wine of Zamorak, though you need to be careful as you will be attacked by the monk here. Head back up the ladder with the wine and use your potion if needed, then head back out to the Wilderness once your inventory is full and fill your Looting bag. 

After you have all the wines you can hold, use your Amulet of Glory to get to Edgeville. This will take you back to near the bank, and proves to be a good technique as you can perform a run of around 54 wines every 15 minutes or so. 

Alternative Method

The alternative method of gaining the Wine of Zamorak in Old School Runescape is to visit the Chaos Temple and kill the monks. Once they are all dead, you can simply take the wine yourself, though this is not the recommended method. The reason being that the monks not only deal damage but have a lot of effects that will drain your stats. What’s more, they do respawn at a rate of just over two minutes, so the Telekinetic Grab is your best way to do it. 

The wine can also be found when you reach the end of the Deep Wilderness Dungeon, where you will notice that it respawns every three seconds. They are received in the noted form in the Wilderness Chaos temple if you have finished the hard Wilderness diary previously. The Telekinetic Grab may be the best method for both locations, and with that in mind, you should consider taking restore potions with you, or a Wizard’s Mind Bomb if you are playing the free version of the game. The reason for this is that you need your magic level to be at 33 if you are going to use the Telekinetic Grab. If your magi level is drained below 33, you won’t be able to cast the technique, so make sure that you keep it above this level.

You should now be equipped with the knowledge of gaining the OSRS Wine of Zamorak. You won’t need to resort to having to buy OSRS gold or anything to complete this task, as you can simply follow the method above to get the correct requirements. 

Have you managed to get the Wine of Zamorak in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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