Ninja Story Legend Beginner’s Guide, Tips

Ninja Story Legend is a brand new RPG Game. In this article, you will get Beginner’s Guide, Tips for Ninja Story Legend. Check out the Ninja Story Legend guide and tips.

Ninja Story legend is giving many features to us. It gives cross-server battle in which includes personal contests and clan battles. Conquer the cross-server championships and bring benefits for the entire server. Items trade system in which you can trade items freely with other players through a market system or direct transactions.

Now Check Ninja Story Legend Beginner’s Guide and tips.

Silver Currency

In every game, currency play major role to buy weapons and another item from the shop. Similarly, In this game, silver is the main currency for this game.

Way to Get Silver Currency in Ninja Story Legends

  • The clan stage is one of the best ways to find silvers.
  • By trading in the market also help you to get silvers in the game.
  • You can also trade gold to get silver.

You can Exchange 5-time tor free per day.

1.+ Rank 1->6 Every rank up will increase 1 turn per day.
2.+ Rank 7->10 Every rank up vint increase 1 turn per day.

  1. 10 in golds exchange for 45,000 silver.
  2. 100 golds exchange for 500,000 silver
  3. 500 Gold silver exchange for 2,750,000.
  4. 10 Gold exchange for 90,000 locked silver.
  5. 100 Gold exchange for 1,000,000 locked silver.
  6. 500 Gold exchange for 5,500,000 locked silver.

Character Protection

Give Protection to character is one of the most important things in every player. In the ninja story legend, it is also important thing.

By tapping on the Bag button, you will redirect on the inventory screen. In inventory, you will get a protected button.

Level Up

Leveling is one the of best ways to improve your power in Ninja Story Legend. Below tips help you to level up in ninja story legends game.

  • Complete your daily mission: Daily mission is one effective way to level up in the ninja story legend game.
  • Go for Achievement: Achievement is another additional source for EXP, always take advantage of it.
  • Crypt: Monster in the crypt is a great source for EXP. Never miss doing this activity.
  • Izanami Jutsu: Izanami Jutsu gives you a lot of EXP power and it is very important in-game items.
  • Training Area: You can level up by getting training in the training area.
  • Red Ganoderma and Herb: Red Ganoderma and Herb when offline give you additional EXP according to your Offline time.

Earn Locked Gold

Locked Gold is an indispensable currency that allows you to buy Locked Gold items in Shop.

Ninja Story Legend guide tips

Way to earn locked gold in Ninja Story Legend.

  • Invest: Invest will give you locked golds for level up.
  • Welfare: It gives you daily locked gold if you complete its basic requirement.
  • Month Card: It gives you additional locked gold.
  • Spin: If your in-game recharge reaches a specific milestone, you can spin to receive even more locked gold.
  • Lucky Bag: Open the lucky bag to earn any currency in the game.

Daily Activities

There are few daily activities which will give you a lot of benefit in ninja story legend game.

Level up, currency,  locked gold, character protection guide and many more about ninja story legend game.

  • Daily Online: Online minimum 4 hr/day to receive in-game welfare.
  • Daily Mission: By doing a daily mission, you will get a lot of EXP and amazing rewards items.
  • Crypt: It gives you a lot of stones, Hakage orders, and diligence points.
  • Izanami Jutsu: It gives you stones, gems( socket), Sharingan stones and Hakage orders.
  • HighClass Shinobi: It gives you silvers, Hakage orders or even hakage equipment.
  • Clan Stage: It brings you silver, locked silver, stones, and byakugan stones.
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