Fresh Newly Mobile Android Game Released In This May 2019

Last Updated on 11 May 2019

Every day comes new games in google play store and iTunes.But many people do not know.They are searching new game in Play store but they do not get good results.They either get the updated game or get the old game.But the newly Fresh Game rarely gets.So to solve this problem, we have created a list of new android games in the month of May 2019 in the article.We update this article frequently so that we can add new ones.

If you are looking for more information about new games for android, then you need to visit this article once in three to four days.Because we are frequently update this article with respect new game come.

So,Now we directly go in New Games in May 2019.Checkout full list .So here is list of New Released Mobile game in may 2019.

Best Low MB Games For Android Mobile | Updated List 2019

New Released Mobile Game in May 2019

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Racing Game | For Android & IOS  Platform | 677 MB Game Size

This is a horse race based racing game that will make you experience horse race.Now about the game, the game gives you a lot of features.Such as Racing,Breeding,Upgrade and Training.In which you can breed a new horse and also sell to other.All the horses have their appearance and own uniqueness.All the horses are different.The look of any two horses is not the same as one.You can train your horse and make it champion.This training will increase the performance of your horse.You also can Upgrade your training facilities to increase your horse's abilities.


Link : Blast Puzzle Game

new android games may 2019

Puzzle Game | Android Platform | Game Size 80 MB

This is puzzle game,In which you have to solve a small big puzzle.The game offers colorful graphics and gives a nice animation too.This game is very interesting, in which you will have to use a few more of your own skills.This is similar game like Candy Crush game.In the game you complete the mission and you get a prize.In addition, coins are also get.There will be a lot of puzzle in the game.As you move on to a new puzzle, a new puzzle will emerge.So there are no lack of puzzles.So if you like puzzle game you can try this game.


The Elder Scrolls : Blades

Role Playing Action Game | Android

This is a Role Playing Multiplayer Action game for This is a Role Playing Multiplayer Action game.In which you have to create your own city.You can customize your Character in the game.The game gives you a lot of weapons.You can customize each weapons also.So overall,this is amazing action game.


Sultan Force

new android games may 2019

Sultan Forces is a lovingly crafted multi-civilization war based strategy game from ONEMT.
With scenes from Middle Eastern cultures displayed in high quality, game play that exceeds expectations, and a wealth of legend based content, Strength is forged in the heat of battle and camaraderie is tempered by the shining light of glory!In a land of djinns and demons, where invaders threaten to plunge the world into darkness, and different civilizations are locked in the chaos of endless war, the long forgotten One Thousand and One Nights could be your key to saving mankind!


Word Life - Crossword Puzzle

new android games may 2019

This game help you to Discover the most stunning landscapes nature has to offer while you sit back, relax, and play word puzzles on your phone! Solve word puzzles and bask in the beauty of nature with Word Life!Unveil hidden words by combining letters and use them to complete word puzzles. They start off easy, but get challenging fast!


Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands guide

Durango is the next evolution of fully-featured MMOs on mobile! This open world MMO lets you experience the full freedom to roam a vast, prehistoric land filled with dinosaurs. Adventure through the Wild Lands, play your way, explore, craft and forge a new life and civilization.

This prehistoric MMO takes you to a mysterious land of dinosaurs. In this Jurassic adventure, you’re warped from your world into Durango. Discover a rich prehistoric environment interspersed with modern-day items mysteriously transported to this world.


F1 Manager

new android games may 2019

F1 Manager is one Racing game which has been developed by Hutch Games. Play the new F1® manager for free and become a boss! Take control, make big calls and master the race strategy to become the world's best F1® team. Do you ask your race drivers to risk it and go for it, or play a long game and sneak victory over the final gap? Faster than ever on-track action with STUNNING graphics Featuring all the official circuits, teams and drivers from the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship ™, including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Wersteppen and Daniel Ricardo.


Bonza Jigsaw

new android games may 2019

Resolve Jigsaw Jigsaw featuring stunning images from around the world. Austrian Alps, Canadian creatures, Danish dance and Brazilian beaches. Explore strange territories and discover new cultures, adopt diversity that makes our world unique and saves the values ​​that bring us together.



New Games for Android Gamer on Play Store – April 2019

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