Naruto Slugfest : List of Classes & Skills

There are four major characters in the naruto slugfest game. Namely, Earth Keeper, Wind Shooter, Blazing Lotus, and thunder Asssaian. Check out the Full intro and skills of each character below.

Naruto Slugfest: List of Classes

Earth Keeper

Earth keeper can both attack and defend, as he has e and defense attributes. His skills are focused on control and AoE attacks. His Assault I Is can cause great damage and greatly his self-healing. Especially when facing a number of enemies, Earth’ s keeper has unmatched d DPS. He equally leans towards the defensive team during battles. His high defense and onus make him good at taking damage. Taunt and control skills give the carry characters in thee to attack. He’ s a valuable addition to any


Sacrifices life points to deal with large amounts of close combat continuous/explosive damage.

Skills List

  • Earth Release
  • Falling Rock Technique (Single target/SmaII AoE)


It generates a shield and attacks the enemy straight on with taunts and other means, giving your companions an opportunity to attack.

Skills List

  • Ultra— Earth Release Added
  • Weight Rock Technique (Large AoE)

Wind Shooter

The Wind shooter’ s attributes are evenly distributed, tough his life points are somewhat lacking. He is a character that can cause a large amount of mid-range damage with his basic attacks/ skills. He also excels at continuous damage output. Ranged types can pull apart the enemy’ s formation in different ways and continuously cause damage with their ranged basic attacks, letting the player attack from a safe distance from the center of the battle.

Agile types give the player a different experience. With plenty of skills to enter and withdraw from the battle, they have a multitude of ways to cause damage or avoiding getting attacked while still keeping a cool head. He causes plenty of damage in a team, making use of his long-range to strike the enemy and deal out damage.

Ranges Attack

Kite’ s enemies with his unmatched ranged attacks, trading attack power for nimbleness.

Skills List

  • Asura Array
  • Dazzling Wind (Line AoE)


A highly mobile type with mid-ranged attacks that can control his target. Can deal mixed close combat & ranged damage

Skills List

  • Wind Release
  • Dragon Twister (AoE/Control)

Thunder Assassin

Thunder Assassin is a close combat character with high explosive damage who can alter between close combat and mid-range combat to deal massive damage. Thunder Assassin mobility type can release mid-ranged skills or close combat skills with an explosive damage bonus, before using other skills to get out of harm’s way until the next opportunity to strike arrives.

Raiders are aiming to cause extreme amounts of damage. Using their high damage output they hide and attack the enemy from behind, causing massive damage, and then shield themselves to get out of battle. Shadow’ Thorne is an important damage dealer, both in close combat and ranged. This character can create a shield to help absorb damage.


The dash and control skills let this type cause massive amounts of damage as they run back and forth on the battlefield.

Skills List

  • Lightning Release
  • Lateral Bolt of Pain Dance (Continuous single/ group damage)


The invisibility skill lets this type appear seemingly out of nowhere, and the damage bonus it gives lets her cause huge amounts of damage to single or multiple targets.

Skills List

  • Water Release
  • Water Heaven Surround (Large AoE/Control)

Blazing Lotus

The Blazing Lotus is skilled both at attacking the enemy, causing great damage, but also at assisting and healing team members. Pyromancer type skills let the Blazing Lotus sacrifice her life point limit to cause damage to in a large area, ideal when fighting large groups of enemies at once.

By contrast, Medical type skills provide the team with a valuable life point recovery and control skills to help the team endure battle for longer, saving teammates from disaster. By using her movement speed bonus, she can help all teammates like no one else could, making her an essential part of the team.


Deals massive amounts of explosive fire damage, dealing great damage to single or multiple targets. The burn effect causes further continuous damage

Skills List

  • Fire Release
  • Great Fire Annihilation (Forward AoE/Burn bonus)


Strong support skills, capable of recovering life points for teammates as well as using Genjutsu to gain control of enemies

Skills List

  • Genjutsu
  • Yin Garuda (Large AoE/Control)
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