Naruto slugfest guide

Naruto slugfest guide-Tips to level fast & Improve Battle Power

Get a guide on Naruto slugfest with amazing tips to fast level up and improving your battle power in the Naruto slugfest game.

Naruto slugfest guide

Naruto Slugfest is a brand new Action game made by Cubinet Interactive International Co. Ltd. Naruto: Slugfest is a 3D Open World Action MMORPG adapted from the anime – Naruto Shippuden. The game features cinematic 3D Visuals and plot restoration of the World of Naruto.

The naruto Slugest has amazing features. Below the list of few features of this game that help you to discover more about this game.

A game giving intense PvP Battle in you have to need to be the best ninja among to rest. Unique interaction for interact, socialize and make a friend in the 3D MMORPG world. Unique classes for following your own ninja way by playing as Earth Keeper, Wind Shooter, Thunder Assassin & Blazing Lotus and many more.

Naruto slugfest guide& Tips to level fast

Focus on leveling up in the game

By leveling up, you can make your character stronger. Below the way which helps you to fast level up in the Naruto Slugfest game.

  • Get from Experience Option
  • Get from Retrieve Rewards
  • Get from Offline Rewards

You can get amazing EXP Points by doing and complete your daily event or mission in the game. To get daily EXP, Just go to the Experience option by going under the Menu option. You will get a number of the mission. Try to do these all within the limited time given by option. This will give you amazing EXP and help you to level up in the Naruto Slugfest.

Naruto slugfest guide

 Daily EventsDaily events all offer great EXP and other item rewards needed for powering up quickly.

Naruto slugfest guide

The game giving one amazing option which is the retrieved rewards option. In this option, players can complete the previous day event or mission which was missed or the player was failed to complete it.

Naruto slugfest guide

In the offline rewards option, the game automatically playing for you and accumulate experience.

Naruto slugfest guide

Keep in mind that You can use a Clone Scroll to earn a 1.67X EXP reward. Clone Scrolls can be bought in the shop or claimed through daily activity.

Participate in every event

There are many types of events in the naruto slugfest. I recommend you to level up faster in the game, Try out to playing in each and every event without worried about the last result.

Below the list of different events and little bit details of every event.

List of Promotion Event of Naruto Slugfest

  • First Top Up : First top-up get your rewards
  • Accumulative Recharge: For every top-up, you earn rewards
  • Level Fund: Awesome Rebates Awaits!
  • Monthly card: Awesome rewards, rebates and more.

List of inbuild system event of naruto slugfest.

  • Battle power ranking: Rush ranks to get rewards
  • Newbie Events: Finish tasks and claim rewards
  • Level Ranking: Be active and rush to get rewards
  • Clan recruitment: Recruit clan member to get more rewards
  • 7-day Login: Freebies for starting to next 7 days
  • Monopoly: Login daily to play ninja monopoly

Try to understand different classes

In this game, You will get four different classes in the game. Below the list of all four classes.

Earth Keeper: Earth keeper can both attack and defend, as he has e and defense attributes. His skills are focused on control and AoE attacks. His Assault I Is can cause great damage and greatly his self-healing. Especially when facing a number of enemies, Earth’ s keeper has unmatched d DPS.

Naruto slugfest guide tips
Earth Keeper


WIND SHOOTER: The Wind shooter’ s attributes are evenly distributed, tough his life points are somewhat lacking. He is a character that can cause a large amount of mid-range damage with his basic attacks/ skills. He also excels at continuous damage output.

Naruto slugfest guide tips
Wind shooter

THUNDER ASSASSIN: Thunder Assassin is a close combat character with high explosive damage who can alter between close combat and mid-range combat to deal massive damage. Thunder Assassin mobility type can release mid-ranged skills or close combat skills with an explosive damage bonus, before using other skills to get out of harm’s way until the next opportunity to strike arrives.

Naruto slugfest guide tips
Thunder Assassin


BLAZING LOTUS: The Blazing Lotus is skilled both at attacking the enemy, causing great damage, but also at assisting and healing team members. Pyromancer type skills let the Blazing Lotus sacrifice her life point limit to cause damage to in a large area, ideal when fighting large groups of enemies at once.

Blazing Lotus
Blazing Lotus

Join an active group

The group is one amazing source of getting more coupons. So join an active group is one good choice for every naruto slugfest player.

narto slugest guide tips
Join an active group

Also, you will get bill gifts from members of your group and can donate bill gifts to your group members. This thing makes your progress much faster in the game. So basically bills help each other to both of you.

Collect all your partners  & upgrade them

In this game, you will get a total different seven partners in the game. Below the partner tier list which helps you to choose your best partner in the game.

SS Partner Tier

  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Itachi Uchiha

S Partner Tier

  • Orochimaru
  • Tsunade
  • Jiraiya

A Partner Tier

  • Minato

Also, you need to upgrade them by using different materials. Keep in mind that Partner shards can be gotten from many sources. Just tab the hit tab and find out how to get that.

narto slugest guide tips

Also, Lookout partners bond. They offer some bonuses as well.

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