MU Origin 2 Guide,Walkthrough,Tips & Strategies

MU ORIGIN 2 is Role Playing Mobile Game.It is Free to Download for Android and IOS Gamer.In This Article,we will give Guides about MU ORIGIN 2 Game.We going to giving Tips and some important guide regarding MU Origin 2 Game.Checkout our Full Article  for MU Origin 2 Guide,Walkthrough,Tips & Strategies.

MU Origin 2 is Role Playing Game which has been developed by GAMENOW TECHNOLOGYIn this game.Total size of MU Origin 2 is around 1.8 GB.So,It give nice Graphics in Mobile device.In MU ORIGIN 2 ,You will find 4 Difference Character and according to them,Their weapons.Game give excellent Sound Quality and We suggest you to While Playing MU ORIGIN 2,must use your Headphone for better Sound Quality.If you totally unknown gamer for this MU Origin 2,You don't need to worry,We will starting from Walkthrough and giving full Guides for MU ORIGIN 2 Game.


After the game is installed,You need to login.For which you can use google account or Facebook account.Login needs to be done because it will save your game in the future.

MU Origin 2 Guide,Walkthrough,Tips & Strategies

You will get such kind of Screen after login.In which you will have four options to choose your character.At present, the game offers a total of four Character Such As Archer,Diviner,Swordsman and Mage.

An image is shown on the right of the character,Which shows the character's defense,attacks and survival power.Now you can choose your favorite character and click the Create Role.Yes, at the beginning of the game, it feeling like that nothing are known but there is no need to worry. We'll say everything.

After Creating Role,You will get in Main Game.

Guide For MU Origin 2 Game

There are so many options are in MU Origin 2 Game.After creating Role Player,You also need to give more power to it.For This,you need to Clear some chapters at begging level.

MU Origin 2 give best way to taking power.You can choose Auto pathing,this will take you.

Tips For MU Origin 2

Now,We are going for Giving Tips for MU Origin 2.There are some basic tips for growing fast in MU Origin 2 game.

Join Alliance

The main advantage of Alliance is that it helps you to grow in your Game while playing a game.There are a lot of members in Alliance. Which will be very helpful for you to play in the teams.With them you will be able to participate in the war and also participate in many other events.Then  this Alliance  will be very helpful.

Update Your Skill

Skill is also very important.If you have a good Skill in MU Origin 2 Game, your damage level will be very good.It is very important to update Skill with time to time.There are so many skills inside this MU Origin 2 Game.Such as Sacred Combustion,Nebula Flame,Force Of Darkness,Starlight Leap,Lethal Sigil,Sanctuary Field,Dancing Whirlwind,Earth shatter etc.All these skills are helpful in giving you more damages while playing the game.

At present, all the skin in the game is of maximum level 50.But if there is a game update in the future and if this skill grows.This can happen in the future.

To update the Skills, you will have to take advantage of Gold Coins.These gold coins will get you from looting only when playing MU Origin 2 Game.

Update Wings

Updating the Wings is also very important.Which is very helpful for you to fly.When you attack your enemy in the game.This wing will help you to fly in the sky And you can attack him from the sky.Yes, your enemy can harm your wing too.But if your wing is a good update level then you will not get too much damage.


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