Mortal Kombat 11 : How To Use Mercy ? | Mercy Guide

What is Mercy Move?

There are lot of Moves in Mortal Kombat 11 Game.One of popular is MERCY Move.This move can help you win the game.This is also an art when and how to use this move.Because Mercy is a special move.If you lose this move, it can not be used in the match again.

This means that you can use Mercy move only once time in per match.If you want to second use then you need to start second new match.In also second match,that is only one move for you to use mercy move.In short,Every New Game giving you one Mercy Move while playing.

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How To Use Mercy Move?

Now,you known as well that Mercy Move very unique but How to use and at which time is best to use it.This is also Important.

You need to be in the middle-distance, so before hitting this combination of buttons, go back to the steps 4-5 steps. If you are successful, a golden light will shine and the word Mercy will appear on the screen. Then your opponent regains some of their health and the war is going on.

Use This Key for Performing Mercy Move

Hold L2, Down, Down, Down, then release L1 at mid range


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