Monster Hunter Riders reroll

Monster Hunter Riders : Best Tier List & Reroll Guide on Android

Monster Hunter Riders is brand new Gacha game. As you know that every gacha game support reroll. So in the Monster Hunter Riders, you can do reroll and get the best gacha at starting of the game.

Monster Hunter Riders Reroll Guide on Android

Below, guide on How to fast reroll in android.

  • Install Monster Hunter Riders game
  • Advance the tutorial and draw a redraw gacha
  • Enhance ★ 5 rider of redrawing gacha
  • Clear Chapter 2 and 8 and release the release commemorative gacha
  • Complete all chapters and receive missions. After that, draw a release commemorative gacha
  • In Gacha limited character comes out → rerolling end. If Gacha limited character does not appear-Reollung continue.

What to do after the end of Rerolling!

After the rerolling is over, let’s move on to the main story. Many systems are released as you progress through the main story. If you are stuck in the capture, try the methods of party formation, strengthening characters, and securing powerful characters.

Monster Hunter Riders Tier List

There are many gacha in the Monster Hunter Riders. But which gacha is best for you from rerolling. Below the list of best reroll tier list which helps you to understand best reroll gacha.

Below the list of best SS gacha.

  • Darius 
  • Frederica – フレデリカ

Darius: Darius is the attacker with the highest attack and defense status of all attributes. Possessing a powerful “Volcanic Heat” that raises your defense rank by one rank while dealing great damage to one enemy.

Monster Hunter Riders reroll

Frederica: Frederica possesses a number of attack techniques that have a high probability of being “blasted and given.” The rider with high attack status and extra damage.

Monster Hunter Riders reroll

S Ranking

  • Mary – マリィ
  • Hilda – ヒルダ
  • Sino -シノ

Mary – マリィMary “Burning Swing” and “Burning Break” have three hits against the enemy, so they are more powerful than other characters. In addition, it is an indispensable attacker for the party because the damage dealt by fire attribute skill increases when your physical strength is 50% or more with the characteristic “Strengthen attack”.

Hilda – ヒルダ: Hilda’s skill “Bride Strike” is a powerful attack that can cause great damage to your opponent in one shot. Since it is compatible with the game against Lagiacrus, it is safe to get it in reroll.

Sino -シノ: Sino’s technique, “Makibishi,” can be created by Wave, which does not strike first because it lowers the enemy’s speed rank for three consecutive turns. In addition, since the SP consumption is small and the technique can be applied to all enemies, it is recommended for characters with a high turnover rate.

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