Mobile Legends Adventure Tips for Increasing Performance

Mobile Legends Adventure is an amazing RPG Game for Mobile Device. If you are new player and have not enough stuff knowledge about How To Play Mobile Legends Adventure, you can checkout our article for full guide for Mobile Legends Adventure.

In this article, We will cover advance tips for Mobile Legends Adventure. Which all are helping to you increasing your performance and progress in the game.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tips

Hero Fusion Tip

Many times, You will get same hero again from summon. So at time, you can’t able to use both hero at same time. Some case, You will also get hero many time such as triple time. So this is useless thing.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Duplicate Heroes!

But Question rise that What about other Duplicate heroes?  But game is giving one amazing solution of this useless thing.

As you above image, I have got Eudora three times. But other two are useless for me. So I made fusion.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Hero fusion

After fusion process done, I will get new Eudora with high power. So this is solution of Duplicate heroes.

Changes Team Format

Yes,Before start any battle in this game, You can change position of your heroes according to your choice. This will help to be winner.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tips
Changes Position of Hero

You just need to drag and drop. Yes, Select any hero and drag any where. You are free to drop vertical and horizontal. So this will helpful a lot.

Also you can choose your own heroes for battle. Yes, you can choose heroes from bottom Row and your selected heroes shown with Blue Mark.

If you scroll vertical, You will get another heroes. You can also choose new heroes for better and start better. So this will give basic ideas of new heroes. I recommend to you,  Always try up with new heroes.

Reset Heroes From Dismantle Shrine

In Dismantle Shrine, You can reset your hero’s Gears. Here, while reset, your hero’s level will not reset. Only his gear will reset. And you could equip these gears to another heroes.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Reset Hero dismantle shrine

So Go to Dismantle Shrine > Select Your Hero > Reset . It will take 20 Diamond per reset.

Upgrade Heroes & Gears

Ya, It is very important to for every players to frequently upgrade heroes and Gears. Because each upgrade will give more power to your heroes.

Upgrade Heroes & Gears

To upgrade your heroes, Go to Heroes > Select Your Hero > Press on Upgrade button.


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