Mobile Legends Adventure Reroll Guide

Mobile Legends Adventure  is one amazing RPG Game.But you want to get amazing heroes then you need to reroll. Many new players are not known about reroll. In this guide, You will get all about rerolling process for Mobile Legends Adventure  game.

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Who should I reroll for?

Most heroes can be useful, and late-game depends more on dupes than your initial roll, but here are the “best” heroes you should aim for when rerolling.

  • Clint – Martial Marksman – High damage as well as support-type skills and CC. (Best initial 10-pull option)
  • Alice – Dark Mage – High damage with self-sustain and ability to carry. (Any additional summons outside of first 10-pull)

These heroes are also suitable, but will require more work to get up to OP levels.

  • Valir – Elemental Mage – Multiple AoE skills help as an early carry.
  • Gatotkaca– Light Tank – If he’s overlevelled, can full-cary and keep your weaker backline alive to harass enemies
  • Lapu-Lapu – Martial Fighter- He hits hard and should last reasonably long in fights. 

Note: It’s common consensus that the first 10-pull guarantees a nat-5 from a limited pool of heroes. Clint is the best hero from this potential pull. If you want to start the game with Clint and Alice, you will need to draw additional times using all free gems, summons, and hearts.

When should I summon?

  • Regardless of if you’re rerolling or not, do your first 10-pull asap because that determines the direction you’re going to build your team.  
  • You should only do 10-pulls because it is more cost effective, as a regular summon costs 280 gems, while a 10-pull costs 2500 gems.  That’s a savings of 300 gems per 10-pull.
  • If you’re in this for the long-run and don’t mind being patient, it’s a good idea to hold off on gem summons and miracle summons until after your first week of play, as an event releases that rewards you for doing summons.  These rewards include free miracle summons, gear, and Clint.

How do I reroll?

The easiest method of rerolling is to just start on a new server.

  • Click your portrait on the top left of the town screen.
  • Click settings.
  • Click server at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pick a server other than the Current server shown on the top left of the list.
  • The account created on this new server will be completely fresh.
  • Keep doing this until you’re satisfied with your initial pulls.

When should I reroll?

Most people reroll after the 10-pull given by the game during the tutorial(the game removed the launch event) first few chapters and achievements are cleared, giving you at least 2800 gems. If there is an event active, be sure to take advantage of it.  If you want to be a bit extra, you can wait until after you’ve saved up enough gems for a second 10-pull, or base the reroll off of all the resources you get after clearing the first few chapters in campaign.  This will add time to each reroll, but will make it so that if you stick through with it, you can start with a full team of OP heroes.

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