Mobile Legends Adventure : Reroll Guide & Reroll Heroes Tier

Mobile Legends Adventure is amazing RPG Game. If you are new player in this game and have not any good stuff knowledge of Mobile Legends Adventure, you will get full guide from our Mobile Legends Adventure game guide.

In this Guide, We will general guide for Rerolling in Mobile Legends Adventure game.

Whats Is Rerolling ?

Mobile Legends Adventure game has Two style for Rerolling.

Style 1

First style is when you just installed Mobile Legends Adventure game, You will get new intro of the game and also get some summons in the game. Basically , if you get good summons and hero, you could continue the game other wise uninstall the game and reinstall again the game.So if you have get latest server then you can choose keep playing the game. Other wise reinstall for latest server.

Style 2

Second style is select new server manually. The server is updated usually every 2 days.So you can check new server and in case, you will get amazing server then you can stay there.Other wise go for another server.

How To Reroll in Mobile Legends Adventure?

It is very simple to reroll. You just need to Go To Your Profile

reroll mobile legends adventure

After Choose Server, tab and it will ask you to “No Account Found in This Server.  Create New One? “.

reroll mobile legends adventure

Press On NEW Tab Button

You just need to press on Okay button and you will redirect new game.

reroll mobile legends adventure

Best Reroll Heroes

According playing lots of battle in game, I finally find out my own conclusion according to Best Reroll  heroes. This list of Best Reroll heroes is based on My own experience of these heroes and my game play experience of Mobile legends adventure game.


High Damage

Alice is one amazing Beast hero. She is very helpful me to carrying my team while battle.She has amazing skills. She basically darts because they’re very long winded and  forward puts a circle at her feet so she’d only goes to the mid row enemies on the first time. And she also gave damage to enemies and restore her HP.

reroll mobile legends adventure

So it very nice and also Good AoE Damage.The other awesome thing about it is that because she’s going to middle row Where the enemy’s front row heroes are normally going to turn around and face her and for things like heroes like Lolita who has an ultimate that’s an AoE stun forward range of her , she might use that facing backwards only hit Alice and save the rescue team.So great for distracting enemies.

Second skills is basically , she just sends a light forward orig it’s max distance and  it comes back and deals damage again.So deals damage on the way is amazing.

She has also skill to give damage around short area. So it was very helpful to me. This skill made enmie mobilized for just three seconds.



Gord is my favorite another hero in Mobile Legends Adventure game. Gord is very strong and many time, Gord help me to win battle.Because gord has amazing gears and you can easily equip  powerful gears too. So she is one very strong hero according to myself.

reroll mobile legends adventure

Gord MVP

Because whenever I was went with her in the battle, I won the battle and mostly Gord was MVP In that battle. So I put gord in this list.


Best Healer

Alice is number one for because she is carry my whole team . But Estes is doesn’t  carry team and also not giving damage to enemies. But estes is one Best Healer in the game. So Estes is support other heroes to  do pull. 

reroll mobile legends adventure

Estes Best Healer

So Estes can heals three allies instanlty and also heal overtime. Also Estes able to restore her own HP. So this is OP.


Best Solid Tank

I take Grock in this list because Grock is one of my favorite tank in this game. He is very very solid tank in Mobile Legends Adventure game.

reroll mobile legends adventure

Grock Amazing Solid Tank

He has good support for Allies and also good control as well.


Good Supporter

She has also good support for allies. And one amazing skill is she has very wide range a Wee stunt. So I always her as my main tank in the game.

reroll mobile legends adventure


Good For Damage

Gatotkaca is very good for damage. So he is one Good tank for give damage to enemies.Also he has charge for push faster through around enemies . So very very solid tank for me.

reroll mobile legends adventure


Solid Unit

Lancelot is one very solid unit too. He is one of those ones that ambushes the back row. So from the start of the battle ,he’ll dart to the back row and start attacking the back row enemies can be really clutch In some situations. Especially against enemies that have you know there’s really strong damage dealers or healers at the back row and you really want to get rid of them early Lancelot can fill that role really well.

reroll mobile legends adventure

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