Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Basic Tips

After Mobile Legends :  Bang Bang  , Moonton   developer come with another RPG Game, Mobile Legends : Adventure. This is one RPG game for mobile and as well iPhone and iPad.

In this article, We will cover Beginning  Guide for Mobile Legends : Adventure.Also give some tips for you which make your performance more faster and increasing your ranking in the game.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide

Idle Rewards

Idle rewards is an amazing thing of Mobile Legends Adventure game. Because in this game, You don’t need to daily login once and playing some time then you will get some idle rewards. In this game, It is totally amazing. Because in this game, You would get idle rewards

Mobile Legends : Adventure guide
Idle Rewards

You will get daily idle reward from Chest. So major benefit of this is that you don’t need to play continuously game to get idle rewards. So this is very good thing that I notice in this game.

Also Whenever you complete chapter, you will get rewards as well. When you first time play the game,at that time you reward per minute was very low. But as you finish new and more chapter in the game, rewards per minute will automatically increasing. So I recommend to you finish more chapter as you can do in the game. It will give more idle reward in the game.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode in this game is one where you can’t go back and repeat levels . You just go as far as you can. Once you hit a stage,then collect all rewards from stage and upgrade your heroes.

But sometime, You could not beat stage. So at that time,you will need to make some amazing star battle. So at that time, Firstly Go for upgrade heroes and make sure your heroes level are always high than enemy. Also make sure that you team have more power.

You can also change your team hero position such as vertically and horizontally.  And also add and remove new heroes. So always keep try and experiment with new heroes. And replace with older one. This will give basic idea about your team power and give idea for next strategy.

You can also use auto-play function in the game. Which help to automatically fight with enemies.  And you can also use your skills while playing. So it is totally depend on you which one you like more.

Battle Guide

So as you can below image, My team have 13795 power and my enemy’s team has 1814 battle power. So it is clear that My team is very strong to compare to enemy team.

Battle Mobile Legends Adventure

Also as you can see at bottom,there are some blue right mark which indicate my team hero. You can also choose your hero by mark other You can also scroll left and right to find your entire team.

You can also drag and drop your heroes in which row you want to put them. Also you can drag and drop horizontally.


Heroes Drag & Put Horizontal and Vertical

In case, You want to find hero ability,then just click on any hero and it will show all details of hero in one box.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips

And after press on start button, You can start your battle with enemy.

Heroes List

By Press on Heroes button, you will get all heroes list on your mobile screen. There are different type of heroes are available in the game.Such as Elemental, Tech, Martial, Light and Light hero.

But By pressed on specific one hero, Then you will get all details of your specific chosen hero. Such as Class , Tank, Name, Level, Health power, Skills , Upgrade etc.


Hero Details



In Equipment, you will get some bonus reward after done one complete Equipment. After done set of equipment, You will get extra bonus also.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips

There are two type of Equipment award in the game. One is Blue and another is Green. Blue will give more rewards than green.


Runes is main way to upgrade your heroes with gears. So whenever you need to upgrade your heroes, Go to Runes and Press on Upgrade button.


Summon will give new heroes in the game. But all summon need some amount of Diamond.So more summon mean more diamonds.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips

So Best use of Diamonds is only for Summons.From summons, You will get heroes according to their stars. Such as five star,four star, Three star, Two star and one star. Five star heroes are very rare and very important in the game. Also three star heroes are helpful.

summon hero

So as you can above image, After complete summon, You will get different heroes with different level of star.

Duplicate Heroes!

Many time,you will get one heroes twice from summon. So mostly,another in another, It is one useless thing. But in Mobile Legend Adventure, It is also helpful to you to increasing heroes level.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Duplicate Heroes!

So as you can see above image, I had got Eudora three times. But other two are useless for me. Then What about other two? So I have fuse three each other and I will get new high level Eudora.


Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Hero fusion

Dismantle Shrine

Hero Reset

In Dismantle Shrine, You can reset your heroes. But to reset them, You need to 20 Diamonds.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips
Reset Hero dismantle shrine



In tavern, You have list of quests.In which, You need to just start and deploy and start.Y ou need to wait some amount of time and then you will get rewards from Quests.

Tavern Mobile Legends Adventure

These rewards depend on type of quests. You can also add your heroes for adventure. So I think, This is one good thing of this game. This is one really easy thing to get amazing more rewards.


Market is refresh it self every four hour. You can also refresh it by spending 20 diamonds.


I strongly recommend to you guys, Always buy summons ticket from market.Because these tickets will help to unlock new summons.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide & Tips


Crusade is one amazing mode provide by this game. In this mode.There are total 12 stages in this mode. You can fight in battle and also get reward from this crusade mode. So you can try this mode.

Land of Quest

Land of Quest is an amazing source for rewards. You will get daily resource from here. It is very easy to do. Once you clear stage then you just need to sweep and go to for another.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tips
Land Of Quest

There are three type of Quest. Magical Quest, Physical Quest and Valkyrie Quest. You can take challenge and get reward from each quest.


Arena is give you free attacks everyday.Beside that, You can also buy tickets. To buy one ticket, You need to spend 20 diamond per ticket.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tips

Also you will get rewards from each battle.

Basic Tips

Add Friends

By add friends in your friend list, You will get amazing rewards. Also it is refreshes every 10 minutes. And also this thing help to get summons. So add more friends.

Complete Event

By completing event from event option, You will also get amazing rewards.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tips

There are so many different type of event. Such as 7 Day Reward, Sign In , Adventure begins, Twilight pass.  So these all events will give amazing rewards.

Collect Daily Rewards

If you have don’t time to play the game, But also want to increasing your performance then best way is that Collect daily rewards from Quest. Yes, You can collect its and after few days, You can easily use of those.


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Benjie supan
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