Minecraft Earth Guide | All about game & features

Minecraft Earth is one amazing realtime augmented reality mobile game. In this article, you will get everything about the Minecraft Earth game and guide to how to play the actual games and many more about the game.

Minecraft Earth Guide

Minecraft Earth has two core features. Such as resource gathering and building features.

  • Resource Gathering: Using this, you can walk around the map and obviously collect resources, different types of blocks including some rather rare items.
  • Building Feature: Using this, the player can build creations within the real world. These creations start with an edible micro tabletop version and then can be projected to a life-size scale.

These two game mechanics to of course go together. With the resources that the player gathers from the resource collecting feature and being the same resources, the player uses to build their creations.

Always keep in mind that  Minecraft Earth is based on the bedrock build of Minecraft and not the Java build. It’s safe to assume that the distribution of resources along with their rarities are identical to the bedrock version of Minecraft. One of the mechanics that those resources have when they’re being used in-game.

When starting the game

When the player does open the app, there will get this screen you can see right below which is essentially a map of this running world.

Minecraft Earth Guide

The players can find mobs, resources, and adventures around the map. It’s also important to remember that these resources spawn randomly around the map. There is not a free generator.

Keep in mind that they do spawn particular spawn locations exclusively meaning they spawn locations are not truly random. There because the locations of these resources are always changing.

It is important to be fast when hitting a particular resource. But you want to gather as they’re only around for a few minutes at a time.

How to find your collected resources?

By tapping on the inventory button on your home screen, you can see all your different mobs, resources what rarities they are and how much of that resource you have.

Minecraft Earth Guide

inventory button

The resources that can be found around the map act similar to the mobs. The only difference so it’s a bit more of a mystery what you’re going to get. So you can usually get an idea of its theme from its outside texture.

Minecraft Earth Guide

Adventure Guide

The adventure can see quite a few things including what types of resources that the adventurer awards, whether the adventures pristine meaning if someone’s already been there or not.

Also, the resources that are in the player’s hop are that they will bring with them on their adventure.

Minecraft Earth Guide

Minecraft earth game

You will find one button on the right side. This a explanation mark for a porting adventure that you would do you find that it’s under nine states’ location.

When you’re actually in the adventure is small and innocent-looking build will spawn. However, you dig down under the surface, you will see they’re actually mom’s resource along with other natural engineering structures that are in this creation.

If you wish to gain any worthwhile award from the adventure,  you must fight the mobs in mind each resource with the appropriate pool.

Building Guide

The Building feature is one very important feature in the Minecraft earth game. Because allows the player to build creations in the real world by using impressive instead of reality technology.

buildplates Minecraft Earth Guide

build plates Minecraft Earth

By tapping on the building a button on your home screen, you will get building build plates. On this page, you can look through all the build plates that you have. These bill plates are unlocked every 5 levels up until level 20.

You can also purchase these from the store. You have the need to purchase the primary currency of the game which is rubies. You also find these rubies by playing the game.

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