Million Lords: Top 5 Tips You need to know

Are you looking for a guide for Million Lords? Get Million Lords guide, tips, and best Strategies. In this guide, you will get a Million Lords guide and tips.

A million lords is a brand new strategy game. This is a real-time PVP game. You do not have to need any farming or build any type of building.

Get 5 most important tips for Million Lords. 1. Never Upgrade Your Capital .2. Never Conquer more Building at starting 3.Known Your Equimnet Icon 4.Try to understand Skill Tree 5.Go for new achievement – Rewards

In this article, you will get the best 5 tips that make you successful in the Mobile lords game.

Million Lords: Top 5 Tips You need to know

Never Upgrade Your Capital

Capital is a city that has a crown. To see crown, just zoom out map and you will get crown there. If you have noticed that most of the players are high level. thier never upgrade that capital. Because there is no point in leveling up or upgrading your capital.

The main reason behind that is because you’re just going to be sending your troops there to hide. Basically your capital cannot be attacked by anybody. so that is your safe haven.

I suggest you instead of upgrading capital, focus on upgrading your walling. Because walling will give more protection. So that nobody can attack easily. So it is a good idea.

Never Conquer more Building at starting

Most of the players are making this mistake. They continue to build or conquer new buildings. Yes, it is true that more building gives you more gold. Also, it will give a lot of an EXP which helps you to level. But players are forget upgrading walling. So after reach some level, they understand their mistake.

This is because every player wants to loot. So you have a lot of gold but your other building is at a low level. You have not any high walling protection for your building. So everybody can easily loot from your building. So I suggest you build building one by and built walling around each.

Known Your Equimnet Icon

There are many equipment and many skill. So it is important that knowing each one with icon.  Just go to your profile and click on the stats overview. You will get the skill list with all the details.

You can also click on the start button and will get your hero skills. So you will get the idea of weapon skills. you need to match up that skills on whatever you want to do for your approach.

If you want to an offense than put offense put offensive weapons. If you want to go on defense you want to put defensive weapons.

Also, a belt of the bald increasing production of your army by 2%.

Try to understand Skill Tree

Most of the new players are don’t know about the skill tree. Always focus on what you need to do. Try to focus on defense, offense and as well as farming. So try to give time all thing. Never choose a specific thing and go with one. Try to different and make your building different.

Go for new achievement – Rewards

By complete achievement, You will get rewards. Collect all. Also, I suggest you to particaiutre in the season. You can also get rewards from the season. So get new rewards and collect all.

Also, don’t waste gem on the stupid things. Collect all together and use it whenever it is necessary and urgent.

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