Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Best Guide | Tips & Best Strategies

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos is an amazing MMORPG game. In this guidance article,  you will get Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos guide and tips for battle, combat, PVP and many more about this game. Check out the full article to get the best guidance.

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Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Heroes Specialties Guide

Game Guide

Brief About Game

The game has a story mode. The main story mode is where you’ll be right from the beginning. Even the tutorial is played out like a mini-story.

The story is put into different character arcs. You’ll be generally awarded the hero whose story, you’ve been following once you wrap up their arc. Also, each chapter is made up of a series of different battles and side missions.

Combat System

The teams are made up of up to eight units and a single hero. With heroes being the source of most of your input during a battle.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Best Guide

They sit outside the field commanding the units. You’ll need to use their spells, buffs, debuffs, and ability strategically in order to win.

The units come in a variety of different roles, sizes, and factions. The huge part of the game as you move further up in levels is team building or formation building.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Best Guide

You always have the opportunity to edit your team and alter their positions before each match. You will have to take full advantage of that.

PvP Mode

As you move up into the higher levels PvP and guild related modes will form more of your day to day experience.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Best Guide
PVP mode

There is a total of three arena modes in the game. Namely, Arena, Duel of champions and duel of heroes. 

  • Arena: In the arena, you’ll set up a defensive formation and then challenge other player’s defensive formations to move up in the ranks.
  • Duel of Champions: This is a real-time battle between two different players in the game. you can take a fight between online players.
  • Duel of Heroes: It’s a draft type system. So it doesn’t matter if you’re free-to-play or VIP. Everyone is put on equal footing. You have to draft two heroes and 16 units from a series of random 3 card selections. Then when you match with another player, you’ll each band two units each. Then have to create a form from the cards you have left to go head-to-head.

Guild Guide

After reached level 20, you can join or can create your own guild in the game. You will get bonuses and be able to work together with other players to improve the guilds technology. You’ll also be able to give to certain things between guildmates.

Guilds are in a sort of Perpetual war. Every guild has its own guild adventure map. This will have its own quests, bosses, resources, and loot. The maps are split into spaces and you can only move a set number of spaces per day.

You can travel around your own guild’s territory or you can invade another guilds adventure map. Quests will frequently require you to head into enemy territory.

Game Tips

Always Known about Your Unit’s Star

Might and Magic Heroes is all about strategy and building a team that synergizes well should be your top priority. As you know that in this game, each unit has different rarity such as SS, SR, etc. This rarity is based on the unit’s power.

Simply filling your formation with nothing but SS units might work for a little while. But you’ll be destroyed by any one of a similar power level that has built a team properly.

SSR units can be absolutely devastatingly powerful. But most of them require you to specifically build your formation around them. Also, they need proper synergies and support to reach their potential. The most important thing to check is each unit’s skills.

So I strongest recommend you to Always Known about Your Unit’s Star and make your own powerful team in the game.

Choose your powerful Hero in the battle

You can choose your team’s hero in two different ways. You can choose your hero first for your team and then build your team. Second is that you can build your whole team then make anyone as your team’s hero.

Also, always known your heroes synergize. Which helps to improve your team.

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