Merge Magic Beginner’s Guide, Tips, Strategies, Level Up

Merge Magic is a brand new Puzzle based game. In this article, you will get a Merge magic guide, tips and some strategies to level up in the merge magic game.

There are many things, you need to know about merge magic. We will add a new article soon to merge magic. So keep coming.

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Garden is your factory for coins, woods logs and fail. You can produce these in your garden.  Now to produce these, you have a need to marge creature each other. In the garden, you have to need to follow some mission to increase your level and get the quest.

Merge More- Get More Coins

As you increase the number of creatures merging, you will get more coins in the game. But I recommend you to never start merging without following the mission list. Check out the first mission list and follow the mission then start merging of the creature. Build this habit and it will help you increase the level and as well as collecting more coins. So during merging, try to focus on both things:  Merging and Mission.

Follow Quest Mission

By tapping on the below star button on the left side, you will get the mission list that you need to follow. By do that mission, you will get rewards and quests. So follow all missions to level up faster in the marge magic.

Merge Magic guide tips
Follow Quest Mission

Focus on increasing the area of the garden

As you increase are in your garden, the chance of getting rewards will increase.

Earn Coin

Coins are very useful in this game. You can earn coin by doing many thin By selling creatures which you build, win levels, purchase from the shop.

Keep in mind that sell only basic threes. Never sell blessing eggs. Because blessing eggs help you to get fairies, Dyr, etc by merging it’s later. So in few words, sell the only objects which are less rare and a little difficult to build.

World Map

The best time to explore the world map is when your creatures are sleeping. Because when your creatures are sleeping, you can not farming anything in your garden. So always use this time to explore the world map.

In each challenge of the world map, You can crack your record three-time. So crack your own record and get the reward.

In each mission, you have to need one common thing to do. It is the merging of the broken idols. In all mission, you just need to merge broken idol as possible as early. You can merge anything to do it. It depends on your mind’s power and your own Strategies. So make your Strategies to do it faster.

Collect Daily Quest and Get Rewards

You can go for the daily quest. By doing your daily activity, you will get rewards from the game. It is a good idea to get daily rewards and collect them.


World Map Tip

As you have known that you can challenge your self three times to get more rewards from the world map mission. But here is the trick to do this smartly. When you choose any mission the first time, take your maximum time. Never become hurry up to do it faster. This is because if you do it mission under your minimum time then you will get trouble while you do it again to get another quest. Now, in a second time, you have to need to do it under less time than the first one.

So keep in mind that do your first mission under maximum time is taken by you. And second and third, you can choose any time period to do it. Be smart.


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