MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide & Tier list

MEGA MAN X DiVE is a brand new Action game from CAPCOM TAIWAN. Check out the reroll guide for MEGA MAN X DiV.

Mega Man X DiV” is a mobile game launched by CAPCOM Taiwan. The story sets the in-depth log file of “Rockman X” to protect the computer world of the “Rockman X” series of game data.

Among them, “you” who is the player also keeps the memory of the game. The deep record file caused program anomalies due to unknown reasons, which caused the levels, irregularities, and characters in the series of “Rockman X” to be staggered due to incorrect data.

Why Reroll in the MEGA MAN X DiVE?

The reroll is very useful to get the best heroes at the starting of the game. Also, in this game, you will get the best heroes and weapons by doing well rerolling.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide

So I must recommend you to do reroll before you connect your account with any social media or google play store.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide

Follow the below step to reroll in the Mega Man X DiVE.

  • Install game & Download Additional data(WiFi Recommmed).
  • Clear starting stage 1 & 2.
  • Acquire gems from mail button
  • Go to capsule option and start drawing
  • If not get your favorite gun & heroes
  • Clear data & restart the game & revise these all steps

After installing and download additional game data, you have the need to clear starting stages 1 and 2.

Once, you have done it, go to the mail button and collect all more than 1K gems. Thes gems will use to reroll.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide
Press on Mail button

Once, you have collected all gems. Go to the capsule button and there, you can start your first reroll by spending these all gems.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide
Gems collection

Start to activate 10 times and get your best heroes and weapons. Keep in mind that this reroll is based on your luck. If you are lucky then you will get the best one. Otherwise, there are also chances to get others.

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide
gems spending

In case, you will not get your best, go to setting>apps>MEGA MAN X DiVE< Clear storage & cache. And restart the game and start the game again.

In another case, if you got your best one, then connect your account with social media to save your game progress.

So this is a guide on how to reroll in the MEGA MAN X DiVE.

Probability of getting heroes & weapons

Probability of getting heroes & weapons
S 3%
A 12%
B 85%

Reroll Character Tier

S Heroes Tier List

  • Black Zero
  • Cinnamon
  • First Armor X

A Heroes Tier List

  • Zero
  • Alia
  • Vile
  • Marino

B Heroes Tier List

  • X
  • Massimo
  • Axl
  • Pallette

Reroll Weapons Tier

S Weapons Tier List

  • Biochemical Buster
  • Sniper buster
  • Crimson Scythe
  • Demon blade Maramasa
  • Beam machine gun
  • Purgatory machine gun
  • Poisonous cloud spray gun
  • Electric current spray gun
  • Extraordinary mortar
  • Napalm’s head

A Tier Weapons list

  • Arrow Buster
  • Shadow Blade buster
  • Triangular saber
  • Elite Lance
  • Gatling Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Snowy spray gun
  • Crushing spray gun
  • Lightwave cannon
  • Drill head cannon

B Tier weapons list

  • Military buster
  • Wind pressure busters
  • Beam rapier
  • Laser rife
  • Triangle gun
  • High-speed rifle
  • Gas emitter
  • Compress spray gun
  • Burning spray gun
  • cannon
  • Energy cannon
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3 months ago

No need to clear data, just klik on menu on tittle screen. Choose logout. Then u restart again from stage 1 without download anything.

3 months ago

Why clear data when you can just logout from guest account lol